Liverpool FC: 8 Transfer Targets for 8 Transfer Days: Nuri Sahin

Saakib ZafraniCorrespondent IIAugust 23, 2012

Who will land the prized Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin?
Who will land the prized Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin?Angel Martinez/Getty Images

The transfer deadline is fast approaching, and there are a number of targets Brendan Rodgers is on record for pursuing. 

We'll break down a new target every day for the remainder of the transfer window.

According to the Daily Mail this morning, Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin is back within Liverpool's reach. 

Sahin is a skilled player who plays with a chip on his shoulder but is still not ready for a full-time, first-team position at Real. A one-year loan could prove beneficial for all parties involved.

Liverpool will get a young creative midfielder who can help them reach their lofty top-four aspirations.

Real Madrid have enough depth at the position to let a young Sahin gain valuable experience from playing in the rigorous Premier League. 

Sahin will get to hone his skill set in a league where no outcome is a forgone conclusion. He will go up against world-class defenders every week, and upon returning to Madrid, he will drop right into the starting lineup as a much-improved and learned midfielder. 

Here's what the Turkish national offers Liverpool.


Precise Passing

Sahin's knack for picking out the perfect target from many yards away was the reason Real swooped him from Borussia Dortmund. His ability to send a perfectly weighted ball, akin to hitting a wide receiver in stride, has the potential to deal a death blow to opposing EPL defenses. 

With Brendan Rodgers stressing speed and decisiveness from his forwards, Sahin would be an ideal provider in the midfield. 



The 23-year-old looks perfectly comfortable keeping defenders at bay with the ball at his feet until a pass opens up. As much as Rodgers encourages passing, he also wants precision. In the EPL, being able to fend off fast-closing defenders is crucial for a successful midfielder. 


Exquisite Finishing

As good as his foot skills are, his finishing is equally impressive. He has the touch and pace for long shots, as well as the finesse often required in crowded penalty areas. 


Defensive Qualities

One of Sahin's more unheralded skills is his slide tackling. He's never lacking confidence to go at a players feet, and he usually comes up with the ball. This can be a blessing and a curse with EPL referees, but it's encouraging that he's willing to give the same effort both defensively and offensively. 

That's all good and well, but the elephant in the room wants to ask who the odd man out will be. You don't sign a player like Sahin for a one-year deal only to leave him on the bench. 

That means Lucas Leiva, Steven Gerrard or Joe Allen will get significantly less playing time. Gerrard and Leiva will likely be the two that get the most pine time, but with both of their injury concerns, it might not be a bad thing to rest them more often.

The difference with seasons past has been that the Reds have not had enough depth to justify resting a player like Gerrard. Sahin would very much fill that void, and depth has been as big a concern at Anfield as any.  

At press time, rumors of Sahin landing between Arsenal and Liverpool are swirling all over the place.

The Independent is reporting that he has cleared Arsenal's medical exam, while the Daily Mail is still adamant that Liverpool is planning a heist.