TNA iMPACT Slamback: The Family That Preys...

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IFebruary 27, 2009

Before the broadcast, Mike Tenay and Don West take a moment to relive the moments of last week’s monumental Empty Arena Showdown.

The show then goes live with the arrival of The Beautiful People.

Opening Bout

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne & Taylor Wilde

Rayne and Love start the bout with Rayne getting an early advantage in the corner. Wilde and Rayne pull off some impressive double team moves on Love, and Wilde continues the punishment on Velvet Sky. The rookie tag team shows its flaws as Wilde goes after Cute Kip. Thanks to the distraction, TBP gets control of the match.

Love returns to competition and bashes Rayne’s head into the mat. Sky tags in and drops the boot across the throat of Madison. Madison lands a jawbreaker and is able to tag in Taylor Wilde. Wilde comes in and drops both female members of the Beautiful People. But Love and Sky start double teaming Wilde, but Madison Rayne comes in and saves her partner…only to slap the taste out of her mouth. As Rayne leaves the ring, Velvet Sky lands the Compactor on Wilde to pick up the win for the Beautiful People.

After the bell, we see footage of four of the five members of the Main Event Mafia arriving to the arena.

In the back, Kurt Angle says that they do have a statement to make, but they will make it at the top of the hour. In the process of Angle’s rant, a couple of law enforcement officials come in to see Booker T. Huffman.

Off The Wagon Challenge

Beer Money vs. Rock and Rave Infection

The Infection has control of the match early, but a spine buster by Robert Roode gives Beer Money control. Both members of BMI focus on the smaller Jimmy Rave. Just when Beer Money gets cocky, Jimmy Rave drops James Storm with a STO and is able to tag in Lance Rock.

Rock comes in and drops Storm with a choke slam and Roode with a choke slam/backbreaker. As Lance Rock goes in for the kill, Jacqueline distracts the official enough to get Storm to drop Rock with the gold and allow Beer Money to retain the gold. Even worse for TNA, they now officially lose Lance Rock via the stipulations of the Challenge.

After the bell, we see footage of Sting arriving to the iMPACT Zone…but we also see a mysterious figure hiding in the shadows as JB gives chase to the Icon and TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Back on the show, Booker T is escorting the cops through his trashed locker room in an attempt to have AJ Styles arrested for a barrage of charges. Back in The Zone, we see a quick video package of the war between Booker T and AJ Styles. Then we see the next therapy session with Abyss and “Dr. Stevie.” Back on the program, Booker is escorting the cops out of the iMPACT Zone. But as he turns around, he becomes another victim of an attack from AJ Styles. The two slug it out as security tries to break them up.

Back on the show, Scott Steiner continues to insult Samoa Joe, but as he tells Lauren to go find him, Samoa Joe saves him the trouble. Samoa Joe pops up behind him and gives him another warning: The Nation of Violence can hit you at anytime.

In Jarrett’s office, the King of the Mountain makes it clear that it looks like tonight, The Band is Breaking Up, and business will be officially back to usual.

Intermission: The Main Event Mafia’s Message to Sting and TNA

Following Mick Foley’s kudos moments to The Rock and Randy Orton, all the members of The Mafia come down to the ring to get answers and give answers.

Nash plays the role of mediator and spokesman for the Mafia. Nash makes it clear that the Mafia is as strong as ever. Big Sexy then claims that it was all Jeff Jarrett’s fault for the war between Angle and Sting. As Nash tries to play cheerleader, Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring to confront the entire Mafia. Jarrett calls out Angle for his actions last week and points out to Sting that both of them are supposed to stand on the same platform. Jarrett then makes it clear that Angle and Sting will indeed pick up where they left off last week: Kurt Angle will face Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X.

But Booker T then grabs the mic and begins to insult Jarrett as well as TNA as a whole. He then threatens to fight the Founder, but Jarrett makes it clear that he bows down to no man, and that tonight, Sting and Angle will sign the contract for Destination X…tonight.

As the show comes back on the air, Don West seems irate over something. He then grabs a mic and drops a bombshell that his broadcast partner didn’t back him up at a company meeting a few days ago. He then says that his friendship with Tenay will never be the same…before telling to take this microphone and shove it up his ass before tossing it to Tenay and walking away from the broadcast booth.

Back on the program, while the Kongtourage is continuing to have problems, Mike Tenay has to relive the last few moments on iMPACT where his broadcast colleague has denounced his friendship with him. As he tries to collect his thoughts, Sojourner Bolt and Rhaka Khan come to the ring and call out their fellow Kongtourage members Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong. With that, Kong and Saeed come down to the ring to take on their fellow Kongtourage members.

Rhaka Khan & Sojourner Bolt vs. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed

Saeed gets an early advantage, but SoJo nails a Lou Thesz Press to get control before tagging in The Knockout Freak. Thanks to a cheap shot from Kong, Raisha is able to get control back to her and the Knockouts Champion. The duo tags in and out of the match before Rhaka tries to fight back.

Kong and Saeed use a huge double team move to keep Khan grounded. But Khan is able to tag in SoJo, who comes in and grounds Raisha Saeed. As SoJo goes for the Bolt Bomb, Kong comes in to stop the advantage. Kong comes in and tosses Khan over the top rope, while SoJo uses a backslide to get the pin and the win for her and Rhaka. But after the bell, Awesome Kong comes back in and drops both women. Kong then uses the Awesome Bomb to drop both SoJo and Khan.

X Division Championship

Fatal Four Way Ladder Match: The Motor City Machineguns vs. The Lethal Consequences

The Guns get early control with a series of double teams. But a quick stun gun/neck breaker gives the former TNA World Tag Team Champions a quick breather. But a pair of sliding dropkicks breaks whatever momentum Lethal Consequences was building.

Back in the ring, Chris Sabin uses a slingshot suplex to drop Jay Lethal on the ladder. While on the outside, Consequences Creed drops Alex Shelley. Sabin recovers and drops Creed on the ladder before tossing him out. Lethal gets back in the ring and drops Sabin with the first half of the Lethal Combination. Shelley bolts in and stops Black Machismo in his tracks with Sliced Bread. He then strolls up the ladder and snags the belt to retain.

But after the bell, Suicide makes his return to TNA and levels all four men down on the ground. After the carnage, Suicide grabs the title belt, places it on the stomach of Alex Shelley and signals that he wants the gold before disappearing under darkness. After the anarchy, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and Sting are all heading to the ring for the contract signing of the TNA Heavyweight Championship Match at Destination X.


The Contract Signing Between Sting and Kurt Angle

Jeff Jarrett makes his way into the ring and immediately calls out the Olympic Champion Kurt Angle. Angle comes out, but he doesn’t come out alone. In the darkness, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Sharmell and Booker T all come out with him. Nash then grabs the mic and tells Jarrett that this match between Angle and Sting is not going to happen.

Jarrett then looks straight at Angle and tells him: “The difference between you and those other godfathers is that they had balls and you don’t.” With that, Angle grabs the contract, signs on the dotted line and ambushes Jarrett. Foley tries to come down and help his friend, but Angle ambushes him as well. All of a sudden, Sting comes down and drops Kurt Angle with a baseball bat. He then picks up both Jarrett and Foley. As the Mafia looks on, Sting signs the contract making the match official for Destination X.

Sting walks out of the ring as members of his “Family” ask why he signed the contract and why is he not thinking of what is best for “The Family?” as iMPACT goes off the air.