A Call to Arms: The Best of B/R MMA…Past, Present and Future

Brian OswaldMMA Editor February 26, 2009

In my nearly six months as a B/R MMA writer, I have seen many great writers come, stay, and also go. An open source site like Bleacher report allows us, as passionate MMA followers, the chance to express our thoughts in the form of articles and then discuss amongst our fellow cohorts.

I have had opportunity to be mentored by present greats like Derek Bolender, Dorothy Willis, Jon Grilz, Nate Double, Josh Nason, and even Rear Naked.

I have witnessed the development of writers like Sean Schimling, Jessy Morris, Mike Leanza, Nick Colon, Flyin Hawaiian, Stoker Dafire, and Todd Jackson, who currently provide some of the site’s best content.

I have also seen the emergence of future star writers like Jaime Moreno, Matt Randall, Tom Grant, Andrew Alton, John Shubert, Matt Welsh, and Mike D. There are many other bright talents on the site and the lack of your name here does not preclude you from this list.

I have also had the treat to interact with some of the best writers from B/R MMA past. Writers like Derek Bedell, Jad Semann, and Mike Barraza. If you haven’t read their articles, or an article from Bryan Tedford or Kevin Curran, do yourself a favor and go back though and enjoy a classic.

A special mention goes out to Robert DesRoche who doesn’t write many articles but leaves some of the most memorable comments on any section on B/R. Your work does not go unnoticed.

So you may be asking yourself what is the point of this article.

Why use the expression "a call to arms?" It's because I want to see 2009 be a triumphant year for all MMA writers, both past, present, and future. Like the sport itself, our little section on B/R will rise to be one of the best sections on B/R and the ripple effects from of our writing will be felt farther then we may realize.

I want the B/R MMA section to be one of the most respected sources for MMA news, analysis, and opinion on the World Wide Web. Call me idealist, call me grandiose, call me what you will, but this is my vision for our little section that could.

So a call to arms will include going back to the past and finding old writers that we want to write at least one more article. It is looking at the present writers and really celebrating their work that make this site great.

And it will be manifesting our future, so that we may become a synergistic community of writers dedicated to doing our small part to accurately represent and positively grow the sport we love so passionately.

My call to arms is to Mike Barraza and Jad Semaan to come back and write one more article and enjoy the community you once were a part of. I invite all other writes on here to reach out and do the same. And if you don't know a past writer, support a current writer, mentor a new one, or even invite your friends to be a part of the community.

On a side note: Zander and his incredible engineers are working on a project for the MMA site that should launch sometime in March or April. Prepare to be enthralled.

Here is to the best to come. For the sport of MMA, and the writers who represent it.