WWE: Why Dolph Ziggler Must Wait to Cash in Money in the Bank

Jonathan BonesAnalyst IMarch 29, 2017

Dolph Ziggler must wait for a change in the World Heavyweight Championship scene before cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

Having already had a title match against Sheamus at the recent No Way Out pay-per-view, to now be re-entered into the title scene and the subsequent rematch would be too similar and too soon.

For Dolph Ziggler fans, his victory at Money in the Bank was confirmation he would finally get a proper run as champion. I too was delighted at this, but also surprised at his win.

With his unsuccessful challenge for the Big Gold Belt being so recent, giving him the briefcase could lead to repetition in the title scene.

Adding to the problem, Alberto Del Rio receiving two title shots in a row at Money in the Bank and then SummerSlam has already made the title scene stale and in need of new competition. Once Del Rio lost the first match so decisively, it was clear the WWE had no intention of him becoming champion.

The World Heavyweight Championship is treading water until someone such as Wade Barrett is in place to mount a real challenge against Sheamus.

The change in the World title scene needed before Ziggler cashes in can take more than one form.

The most obvious way could be cashing in on a new champion he hasn't faced at the main-event level or at all, but even if the WWE is intent on keeping Sheamus as champion for the long term, it still needs to wait until The Great White has seen off Del Rio and moved on to other challengers.

The longer the wait and the less interaction with the superstars in World title contention, the bigger the surprise will be when Ziggler steals the championship.


In the meantime, work can be done to make Ziggler look like a credible champion.

He is a terrific wrestler—one of the very best in the company—but in terms of wins and losses, he still looks weak (an affliction most WWE heels suffer from). It's not too long since he was losing to Zack Ryder and lost a squash match to Brodus Clay.

A good potential feud for Ziggler could be Rey Mysterio, or a program with Cody Rhodes could turn Ziggler face.

It could be time for him to lose Vicki Guerrero, as he doesn't need any help on the mic and has even been able to garner face reactions from the crowd on occasion despite being managed by the guaranteed heat magnet.

The important thing is Dolph Ziggler goes over in his feuds so when the time comes, he will make a credible champion. 

Ziggler will be a great champion, but it shouldn't happen too soon.