A Single-Edged Sword (Orr Vs Gretsky)

Steven J. WardContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

It appears an impasse is in order here and most probably here for the ever-after; however, I, personally, cannot sit and listen to the prattle, incurable, incessant and ridiculous exchange between windbags at will upon their chosen star of stars atop the NHL all time.

Fortunate indeed am I to be of Massachusetts born and breed and witness first hand to such tremendous performances by the Bill Russells, Carl Yaz, Tony C. and the best of the best Bobby Orrs of the universe!

So I find it so very difficult to indulge the argument that Wayne Gretzky is the better of the two merely by the measurement of goals scored.

Bobby Orr was turning ice-top 360 degree pirouettes when the rest of the National Hockey League was simply at 45s; he skated with such ease and grace that his blades never once touched the ice.

And fast? O man, not many kept stride-by. He was a defense-men who penned a book entitled Play The Man and did he ever, usually leaving the puck for a teammate to clear harmlessly away while scattering the remains of the would be puck-handler somewhere near center ice.

A thing of beauty indeed! Robert Gorden Orr not merely controlled the game but dictated it! Forgive the number of exclamation marks I utilize if anyone ever deserved their use it is Orr!

Wayne Gretzky was phenomenal, don't misread my intent but he was a "Single Edged Sword" where Bobby Orr is a Samari and his multi-edged, razor sharp sword, all rolled into one! (There it is again)!) Not to mention a fantastic human being and I know this also first hand.

I suppose this exchange will be timeless but one must remember to include all elements of a recipe in order to get the best, most accurate results. In other words; Bobby Orr could do it all, he hit like a warrior and fought like a man possessed in a time when a player was expected to pay his own way. The all around greatest athlete I ever, ever saw.

I am one fortunate cat!