USC Football: Complete Look at Trojans' New John McKay Center

Tim KeeneyContributor IAugust 22, 2012

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The USC Trojans have a new athletic facility, and if their play on the field looks as good as their new building, they are more than deserving of the AP No. 1 preseason ranking. 

The 110,000-square foot John McKay Center, which cost $70 million to build, opened on Tuesday.

Let me just say this: It looks like it cost $70 million, too. Let's take a gander at some of the images of the completed structure (courtesy of 


View From Outside

While what's inside is really what matters in the end, the McKay Center is fairly stunning from the outside (pictured above).

And, of course, it doesn't come without a statue of the man the building is named after:


Fancy Technology

This is, after all, 2012. Technology and electronics rule the world, meaning the more monitors, the better. USC seems to have implemented this policy, and it's apparent from the moment you walk into the building:

Yes, that's a video screen. Wouldn't mind playing some Xbox on that thing. 

Of course, that's not all. Each player's locker comes complete with its own screen. I'm guessing that will help recruiting, not that USC needs much assistance in that department. 


Stuff That Matters, Too

Everything up until this point has been visually pleasing, but not really important past the fact that it looks damn nice.

Fortunately for the Trojans, the places where they will be spending the most time appear quite marvelous as well. First up is the weight room:

Geez, does that walkway ever end? Or does it just go on forever? 

The practice field isn't too shabby, either:

By the way, it's underground. While I'm sure the whole place has air conditioning, that probably helps with the hot temps when Los Angeles gets especially scorching. Plus, going through drills and what not underground probably makes the players feel like Batman.

So there's that. 



Finally, after a long day of practice, the players can relax in the lounge:

The seats look ridiculously comfy, there appear to be multiple big screen TVs, all the Powerade you can drink and a pool table in the corner. Who wouldn't want to spend time in there? Team chemistry, up.