B/R Tournament: The Future Foundation of Pro Wrestling.

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIFebruary 26, 2009

OK, the first round is officially over. The first round results might shock, some because they shocked me.

Here are the final four in each bracket.


Matt Morgan

Samoa Joe

Jay Lethal

Robert Roode

Voted Off: AJ Styles


The Miz

Jack Swagger

Tyson Kidd

Evan Bourne

There was a three-way tie, so I did a coin toss—John Morrison was voted off.


Mr. Kennedy

Vladmir Kozlov


Shelton Benjamen

Due to a tie, there was a coin-toss—The Brian Kendrick was voted off.


Kofi Kingston

Ted Dibiase

Cody Rhodes

CM Punk

Voted off Santino.

There you have it. Now, it is time for the head-to-head action, and this round will be based on points. Points are based on win streak (one point), current role on the brand (two points), a title (three points), their history in the business (four points), and if they beat a competitor in the tournament (five points)

Here are the matchups.

TNA—Matt Morgan vs. Jay Lethal and Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode

ECW—The Miz vs. Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd vs. Jack Swagger

Smackdown—MVP vs. Vladmir Kozlov and Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamen

Raw—CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston vs. Ted Dibiase

TNA—update will be posted tonight after Impact

ECW—update after ECW next Tuesday

Smackdown—update this Friday

RAW—update next Monday