My Dream Match: Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Dezmond ThomasContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

What is the match that I've been dreaming to see? There's a lot of matches that I would have like to have seen but none of the organizations could get it together. But when it comes down to it, there is only one match that I would die to see.


Goldberg vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

I don't know who I would really want to win but it be one hell of a match. Two of the biggest stars from the 90's: WWE vs. WCW. They missed this chance in 2003 when both Stone Cold and Goldberg were both in the WWE. But Stone Cold was in no shape to compete at that level.


The story

7-25-2009 episode of Raw

Stone Cold comes out to the ring and pretty much calls out goldberg. He starts to go on all about the things he's done in his great career.Then he says that the only thing he was never able to do, and that was to face "Da Man" Goldberg.

And starts to name some of Goldberg's accomplishments. And asked the crowd if you want to see Goldberg vs. Stone Cold gimme a hell yeah. The crowd yelled out its biggest HELL YEAH!!


8-1-2009 episode of Raw

Goldberg's music hits. It's "Da Man." He comes down to the ring and simply says Stone Cold Steve Austin YOU'RE NEXT!


8-7-2009 episode of Raw

Austin comes down to the ring and says how big this match will be for this company. He goes on to explain how the biggest two stars of the 90's collide in the squared circle to finally show who and what show was the best.

Goldberg comes down to the ring. And says that he hasn't forgotten what he did to him at the end of Wrestlemania 20 match. Austin tries to get him to forget about it and offers him a beer but Goldberg refuses.

Austin starts to drink and taunt to the crowd and has he turns around he sees Goldberg set to strike with the spear and rolls out of the ring. He shows how smart he is for avoiding the spear. Goldberg smiles.


8-14-2009 episode of Raw

Vince McMahon comes out at the beginning of the night and announced that there would be a contract signing later in the night between Stone Cold and Goldberg to make their match official for SummerSlam. Later that night, both Austin and Goldberg come down to the ring.

Austin signs first, then Goldberg. Austin reminds Goldberg what he was getting into. He tells him that this match means everything to him.

This match will do anything to win this match. And that he was going to bring his A game. Goldberg responds I wouldn't expect any less.


The match

The match would be an all out slobberknocker with stunners and spears. Stone Cold starts the match on the offense. Hitting Goldberg with high impact moves and he hits the stunner early trying to end the match early. Goldberg kicks out at 1.

Austin swings him to the ropes; Goldberg counters with a stiff clothesline. Goldberg is now on the offense. He hits him with side kicks and some of his submission holds. Austin gets out each man hits a double clothesline.

Both men get up at the count of 8. Austin tries for a stunner, Goldberg pushes him off, Austin bounces off the ropes right into a spear from Goldberg. He gets the adrenaline taunts to the crowd, signals for the jackhammer, hits it for the 1, 2, 3. GOLDBERG WINS.