What to Do With No. 3? It Rhymes with...um..Nevermind, Chiefs Take Crabtree!

Ryan HarrisContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

Occams Razor. 

Ever heard of it? William of Occam was a 14th century philosopher although he preferred to be called a logician. He was one of the first recorded church/state separation activists and (allegedly) a talented womanizer. All in all he would have been a cool guy to have a few pints of mead with. 

Anyway Occam stated (and I am paraphrasing here) "The simplest solution to any problem, is usually the correct one."

Problem: What should the Chiefs do with No. 3?

Answer: Draft Micheal Crabtree.

End of article...Just kidding.

Consider what has changed in Kansas City since the end of the regular season? Scott Pioli and Todd Haley were brought in to replace dumb and dumber. So what do these two have in common?

Pioli was the GM of the New England Patriots who two years ago broke just about every passing record in the NFL. His team was one MIRACLE play away from going 19-0. How they did it? Having two star receivers and spreading the field. 

Todd Haley? Well he was the offensive coordinator for the highest scoring team this year, the Arizona Cardinals. He (and others) took a perpetual doormat to the Super Bowl and were one ridiculous catch away from an NFL Championship. How did he do it? Having two star receivers and spreading the field.

Let me put it another way; Does anyone believe that the Chiefs brought in Haley to fix the defense (Ill give you a second to think, done? Ok good)? No! They brought him in to fix the offense. 

But Ryan they dont have a QB!

I would argue that they do. Tyler Thigpen was not awful last year, he had some good moments and some bad ones; but he showed he could play in the NFL. More specifically he showed he plays very well out of the shotgun.

If you look at his senior year stats where he played in a spread the field and downfield attack offense, that oddly enough is very similar to New England and Arizona, you see a talented QB. 


217 339  64%  9.7 29 11 110.9   656 5.8     5

Thigpen can throw and run, and I believe that the Chiefs will give him the 2009 season to prove what he can do. 

Tony Gonzalez is still a great player, but the new regime can not feel like he has too many years left. Dwayne Bowe is "Anquan Boldin" Lite and I predict that the Chiefs will go and get their "Fitzgerald."

It makes too much sense to not happen, I think Occam would have agreed with me.