Shonn Greene: Stats More Than You Think

Frank SwansonContributor IFebruary 26, 2009

With Shonn Greene reeling from a poor performance at the combine, I think that people need to just step back and look at his great performance and measure-ables. There are questions about his speed, height, and agility, but lets take a look at his stats:

SeasonGamesAttemptsYardsYards per carryTouchdowns
2007Did not playDid not playDid not playDid not playDid not play

His speed may be lacking, but when you can put stats up like this, I think that your speed may not be the larger issue at hand. Against Purdue, A 200 yard game, He broke of a 75 yard run, spinning out Frank Duong, Then proceeded to outrun him + two other safety's. He is a great player who can find a great home in the NFL. A team like the Chiefs need a power runner and they could use a fan favorite.