Oregon Football: Mallard Muscle's Xile Talks About the Ducks and "Gotta Get It"

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2012

Oregon fans have been spoiled over the past few years. New fans have been treated to unprecedented success, new uniforms, national exposure and a continuing run of catchy and meaningful videos that have been made in tribute to the Ducks. 

While fans are well aware of the success that Supwitchugirl had with "I love my Ducks" and "Return of the Quack," there time on the scene has come to an end and they appear to be moving on to other things. 

Enter Chris "Xile" Kautzky.

Xile, as fans know him, has been writing music and has loved Oregon for years now. While Xile has a career outside of writing music about his beloved Ducks, he has etched out a special place in the Oregon culture over the past two years.

During the past two seasons, Xile has released two videos, "O Time" and "Gotta Get It," as a celebration of the success that Oregon has had over the past couple of seasons. 

It would be easy to make the comparison between Xile and Supwitchgirl but as Xile told me: "what those guys did was great but when comparing my style with theirs, it is like night and day. They have their style but mine is completely different and I think people can see that, good or bad."

When I spoke to Xile he stressed the importance of the Oregon community and the fan base which has been such a huge part of his work. He told me, "the way I approach the music is very simple. This is music by fans for fans." Xile went on to say, "one of the mottos we live by is that it's not a college, it's a culture."

One thing that became obediently clear from Xile is his belief the Oregon fans and the sense of community that the University has. During our conversation he said, "Duck fans are like no other college fan base. These fans are loyal, they are behind this program and it is a part of their lives."

Not only have the fans been a huge part of these videos, but players have also stepped up and donated their time to be a part of this—Patrick Chung, Jonathan Stewart, Dennis Dixon, Garren Strong, Ed Dickson, and Walter Thurmond III.

Former Ducks that have helped build the program up have also become involved—Cristin Mclemore, Pat Johnson, Keith Lewis, Dino Philyaw and Doug Douglass. 

Xile loved the support that he received from the former players and their willingness to be involved, saying, "the players have all been great. Guys have dropped what they are doing and never asked what was in it for them. None of the players acted like they were too big to be involved but instead were more than willing to help and be a part of these videos."

He has also enjoyed the stories that have come along with making these videos. Xile has been able to  work with armed forces veterans and children, as portions of their proceeds support research for both cancer and cystic fibrosis. 

His recent song, "Gotta Get It," shows fans how far the Oregon program has truly come. Coming into the 2012 season, the expectation for the Ducks is to make a run at the national title.

As things came to an end, we decided to have some fun and do some word association about the upcoming season.

USC: "November 3rd."

College playoff: "Overdue."

Autzen Stadium: "Loudest place on the planet."

LaMichael James: "All heart."

National Championship: "Gotta get it."

Before letting Xile off the phone, I had one more question that most fans are wanting to know—when he'll make another video dedicated to the Ducks. Xile replied, "the situation has to be right. The material has to be there and it has to feel right. I am not going to just do a song to do it, I am not going to sell people short like that. We will have to wait and see if things come together."

Joe Penkala is a B/R National Featured Columnist who covers college football. You can contact him @joepenkala. Both songs by Xile can also be found on iTunes.