I Hear Voices Pt. 18: PPV Gets Another Name Change, Rourke Talk & Draft

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 26, 2009

It had to be sooner than later that Mickey Rourke talks would return. After hyping and building up a rivalry with Chris Jericho, the angle was dropped almost as fast as Kane's crush on Kelly Kelly. Rourke wanted to focus on possibly winning an Oscar for the best actor.

His publicist said he wouldn't compete or be involved at Wrestlemania this year in hopes of saving his chances of winning the Oscar. WWE downplayed it at first, but then confirmed Rourke's withdrawal from Wrestlemania 25. The feedback wasn't the positive vibe that they were looking for.

Rourke feared for his career and pulled out after receiving negative feedback and bad vibes from every direction except WWE's.

Well Rourke couldn't escape his fate and lost the award to Sean Penn for his role in "Milk." I waited and watched the clock go by waiting for him to resurface and he did.

Don't worry he won't be facing Jericho because Vince already has his opponent covered. Nobody knows but him and that's a good thing. Rourke will be at ringside and has a big possibility of interfering in Jericho's match.

Talks have resumed with Rourke and he might do a knock-out angle. Some sort of one-hitter quitter if you catch my drift. If so, than that is a good idea and thank the heavens, because Big Show can't box for beans.

Hulk Hogan doesn't seem to be the target, as he isn't Vince's chosen man, but you better believe that he is the back up.

If the chips hit the fan at the last moment, then we'll be seeing Hulk Hogan facing Chris Jericho. I don't care who is Vince's man, I just don't want to see Hogan in that ring.

Vince continues his Wrestlemania/Draft lock down, so no one has any idea of anything. What is known is that Triple H vs. Orton isn't going to end at Wrestlemania.

This isn't just a one time meeting. Triple H and Orton appear to be in for the long haul, so Triple H might be back on RAW (Oh great).

It comes as no surprise to me given their history. I always say history speaks for itself and with that said, then I believe we'll be seeing the Game back on Monday night RAW. As for the rest of the WWE, their futures remained shrouded until Draft Day.

WWE has gotten a PG rating as you all know. We have seen changes as John Cena's F-U has been renamed the "Attitude Adjuster," which sucks by the way. Linda McMahon has won the hearts of Conneticut's Board of Education and more PG rating changes are on the way.

Could it get worse?

ECW's PPV "One Night Stand" already suffered the effect if the PG rating by undergoing a name change. Apparently, "One Night Stand" implemented a sexual definition. We had to sit through "Extreme Rules" before WWE realized that it's they have a match type as a PPV name. The name is now "Night Of Extreme." That isn't that bad, but definitely better than "Extreme Rules."