Is Affliction Feeling the Pain?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIFebruary 26, 2009

With recent allegations, although, denied by CEO, Tom Atencio, of Affliction, closed down and Fedor expressed interest to fight for the UFC.

Is Affliction feeling the pain before he goes toe-to-toe against Lesner?

Many people say n”o” as Affliction is backed up by Golden Boy Productions and Donald Trump, and has enough money to stay alive in the MMA world.

With Fedor wanting to set up a meeting with Dana White in the summer time to set up a fight against Brock Lesnar is money enough to keep Affliction's main draw around?


Affliction will have to strengthen their Heavyweight division as Fedor is almost done blowing through every opponent that stepped in the ring with him.

There is one left that he is going to go toe to toe with at Affliction's third PPV that will come in the summer time which is his good freind Barnet.

If Fedor goes through Barnet, would there be no competition left unless they sign Fabrico Werdum?

I see Fedor venturing off to the UFC as the Heavyweight division is growing fast with great future stars Dos Santos, Carwin and Valesquez and more.

Also Fedor wants to prove he is the best so I see him wanting to take out the winner of Lesnar versus Mir, and, possibly, fighting Couture.