B/R Draft Prospect Interview: Chase Bullock

Bleacher Report Senior Writer IFebruary 26, 2009

Maryland linebacker Chase Bullock (pictured here, sacking Matt Ryan), had a great year this year. He finished with 35 tackles, one for loss and three passes deflected. He stands at 6'3"/234 pounds and has talked to some NFL teams about his future. Through Facebook, I requested an interview with Chase. He accepted. Here goes:

Isaac Barrow: If you weren't in football, what would you be doing?

Chase Bullock: I would probably be working to become an F.B.I. agent. When I was younger, it was my dream to become an F.B.I agent.

IB: Have NFL teams talked to you? If so, which ones?

CB: I talked to a few teams like the Ravens and Detriot. I expect to hear from a lot more after my pro-day.

IB: Do you have any superstitions?

CB: Before every game, I try to read a new verse from the Bible.

IB: Who was your favorite player growing up?

CB: My favorite player is Ray Lewis. He plays with so much passion, and I try to follow him.

IB: What music do you listen to?

CB: I listen to a mixture of everything from Country to Hip-Hop and Neo- soul.

IB: What attracted you to Maryland?

CB: Washington D.C. and Baltimore are great areas to network and meet new people.

IB: What is your favorite class?

CB: My favorite class would have to be CCJS 200, which is a mixture of criminal justice and statistics.

IB: What was your best game in college?

CB: My best game would have to be this year versus N.C. State and Clemson. Both those teams have great running backs and I played well against them.

IB: Which player on MD are you closest to?

CB: I'm very close with Erin Henderson, Moise Fokou, Kevin Barnes, and Dre Moore. We got really close while attending the University of Maryland.

IB: Describe your style of play.

CB: I'm very physical and play with a lot of passion. I try to sell out every play.

I'd like to thank Chase Bullock for doing this interview. May he have a successful NFL career.