Ryan Lochte and Prince Harry Compete in Late-Night Las Vegas Pool Party

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 21, 2012

Photo Credit: NY Daily News
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Walking think tank Ryan Lochte showed Prince Harry a good time in Las Vegas recently. And by good time, I mean great time. Hell, they pretty much beat Las Vegas into the ground and gave it noogies. 

New York Daily News reports the dynamic duo partied it up in and out of the pool at Wynn Hotel's XS Nightclub. 

This came a day after Prince Harry was seen at the MGM Grand for the Wet Republic pool party hosted by Jennifer Lopez. 

There, he was seen rocking a sweet fedora and, um, taking in the sights. 

The real party started in the early-morning hours Monday, when the Royal teamed up with Olympic rock star Ryan Lochte to dominate the human frappe that was the pool at XS Nightclub. 

The report states both men decided to have an impromptu race while 5,000 people looked on. The Daily News even has some exceptionally grainy video of the event. 

As you can see, most of those thousands are content to simply bro out in the water or finish that last drop of their lemon gingerini.

Prince Harry tried to end Ryan Lochte’s championship reign Monday, duking it out with the Olympic hero in an after-hours race at a boozy Las Vegas pool party.

The wild Windsor jumped in the water around 3 a.m. still wearing his jeans and cleared a path through the Wynn hotel’s XS Nightclub pool, exclusive video obtained by the Daily News shows.

A bevy of bikini-clad beauties watched as Lochte counted to three on his left hand and blasted to a quick lead over the 27-year-old playboy prince.

My goodness, he counted to three. I am guessing there was a rousing chorus of applause as the swimming bimbro flashed past the number two and landed on everyone's favorite third number, three. 

BTDubbs, it's compulsory to take a drink anytime you spot Ryan Lochte counting. 

The best part in all of this is Lochte actually won. For those who saw the Olympics unfold, you know that's not always a lock.

There are a couple of things to note about that video posted at The New York Daily News.

Nobody seems to get out of the way for the freaking Prince and Ryan Lochte, which is par for the course because every last bro in the pool comes to Las Vegas with an ego the size of Barry Bonds' head. 

Secondly, they race about 10 feet, which, in drunk distance, is about 100 meters. So we understand. 

Viva Las Vegas. 


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