Alberto Del Rio: 5 Possible Pinfall Finishers for the Mexican Aristocrat

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 22, 2012

Alberto Del Rio: 5 Possible Pinfall Finishers for the Mexican Aristocrat

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    Former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio needs to add a non-submission finisher to his repertoire.

    In order to vary his moveset and the endings of his matches, Del Rio needs to add a finisher that results in a pin. 

    Del Rio has done major damage to his foes with his rolling cross armbreaker.  It's been that move that has dictated his in-ring strategy and defined his career thus far. 

    During his first WWE feud, Del Rio used the cross armbreaker to kayfabe injure Rey Mysterio and put the high-flyer on the shelf.  He's used it to damage his opponents before and after matches, using it as a tool to draw heat, to display his villainy.

    In today's WWE, though, most wrestlers have two finishers.  

    CM Punk can win with either the Go To Sleep or the Anaconda Vise, John Cena with the Attitude Adjustment or STF.  

    Del Rio needs to join them.  Adding one of the following moves would better his matches and allow WWE some flexibility when booking him.

Multiple Powerbombs

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    Alberto Del Rio is not enough of a powerhouse to finish off his foe with a single powerbomb.  Batista or Vader could convincingly do so, but Del Rio is going to need to double or triple up the move.

    Del Rio could package three powerbombs into one evoking memories of Eddie Guerrero's Three Amigos or Chris Benoit's German suplex combinations.

    Chris Jericho is shown in this video giving double powerbombs to Road Dogg and Kurt Angle.

    Jericho's usage of the move shows how a smaller guy can still deliver a devastating version of the move.

    Of course, there is the issue with this move that Del Rio wouldn't be able to perform it with larger opponents.

    There is no way he could lift up Mark Henry with this once, much less multiple times.  It would force Del Rio to only use his cross armbreaker on WWE's giants. 

Military Press Dropped into a Bridging German Suplex

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    As Dos Caras Jr. in Mexico, Alberto Del Rio used this German suplex variation as his primary finisher.  Rather than learning a new move from scratch, the benefit of going back to this is familiarity.

    Del Rio delivers the suplex with ferocity and precision. 

    The German suplex hasn't generally been deemed powerful enough to get a three count, but the added momentum of the military press could make it more convincing.

    During his MMA career, Del Rio actually broke Kengo Watanabe's arm with a belly-to-belly suplex.  WWE could use that as part of the storyline, drumming up Del Rio's suplex power.

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    The simple strike was the trademark of JBL, Kenta Kobashi and Stan Hansen. Were Alberto Del Rio to go with the lariat as his finisher, it'd be an homage to those great wrestlers.

    It's a finisher that can come out of anywhere. That aspect would fit the opportunistic Del Rio perfectly.

    It opens possibilities for Del Rio to attack foes in mid-air, to counter someone else's move into a thumping lariat.

    Delivered with enough force, it can be a jaw-dropping move. With Del Rio's MMA background and ring skills, there's no doubt that he could be the next lariat master.


Dos Caras Clutch

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    Japanese wrestling fans may recognize the move as Toshie Uematsu's Solarina, but Alberto Del Rio's father, Dos Caras, innovated this hammerlock-head scissors pinning combination.

    Del Rio could pay tribute to his legendary father by adopting the move.

    It also has the advantage of initially looking like the cross armbreaker, so fans and foes wouldn't know which move to expect until the move was in full swing.  The move blends technical skill with sound strategy. 

    In the world of the GTS, the Codebreaker and Shell Shock, the Dos Caras clutch may be seen as a weaker finisher, but it's fitting for the crafty Del Rio. 

Exploder '98

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    Not surprisingly, the most dangerous move on this list comes from Japan.  Jun Akiyama created and perfected this high-impact suplex. 

    For a large portion of the fans, it will seem new and inventive.  For the wrestling diehard contingent, the fans will recognize it as a respectful nod to Akiyama.

    WWE will likely make Alberto Del Rio adjust the move slightly so that his opponent's back hits the mat and not his head.  If Vince McMahon banned the piledriver, he's not going to allow Del Rio to impale his opponents into the ring.

    A toned-down version, though, could be the finisher Del Rio needs.  It's easy to imagine him slipping on the Exploder '98 quickly and powerfully. 

    A move like this would be a weighty addition to Del Rio's arsenal.