The End of an Era in Professional Wrestling

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman it is my firm belief that we are at the end of an age in professional wrestling. There are several key factors I have researched heavily to come to this conclusion.


1. Refocused Media Attention

There has recently been a massive refocusing of the media onto professional wrestling. This refocusing happened in mid 2007 after the death of Chris Benoit. After the event that took place there was what could only be described as a hell storm of attention placed on wrestling, primarily WWE. Primarily this attention was negative and had much to do with steroid use in wrestling.

After this died down the attention was not really bad or good. There was something here or there about steroids or a certain wrestler doing this but nothing really too bad.

Then came about a certain movie starring Mickie Rourke entitled "The Wrestler" came to the theaters. At first when I heard of it I thought "Great a movie made by people whom don't know anything about wrestling," I was surprised to discover this movie actually had a fair few wrestlers and wrestling promotions backing it. This movie has sparked a more positive style of media attention to Pro wrestling which many promotions are moving quickly to capitalize on.

A part from actual media Pro Wrestling has recently gotten a huge kick on the but via the Internet. YouTube and other free video sharing sites host a number of "Wrestling Talk shows." I play a major part in one that myself, My older cousin and my  step-dad are behind one called Wrestling Uncovered. For those interested the page is:


2. Competition

Finally after a long time WWE is not the only major American Promotion. We saw the best era's in Professional wrestling when there were multiple major promotions. Long ago it was the AWA competing against NWA, a company it was formally affiliated with.

Many fans argue that the greatest era WWE saw was the Attitude era. The only reason that the attitude era even happened was due to WWE competing with WCW and ECW. We lost any form of actual competition with WWE when both companies folded. The NWA lost much of its power by this era and could not actively compete with WWE.

TNA started in 2002 by former wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett and his son, a former WWE and WCW wrestler by the name of Jeff Jarrett. TNA arguably could not compete against WWE for a long while because of a superb lack of attention. This change when Impact moved to Spike. Personally I believe TNA started to truly compete with WWE when they separated from the NWA to stand on their own. TNA recently beat a personal record with a rating of 1.3.


3. Better wrestling

For I can't even tell you how long Professional wrestling was haunted by a lack of good wrestlers, Amazing talkers but not good wrestlers. This is beginning to change as more and more amateur wrestlers turn to pro wrestling. For a good while WWE could not get young wrestlers to join their promotion. Now there is a slew of them including CM punk, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Jack Swagger(as much as I can't stand him) and TJ Wilson.

Now out of those five I admit few have amateur wrestling backgrounds but they are great wrestlers. It would not surprise me in the slightest if recently released TNA talent Petey Williams went to WWE. WWE is even trying to make its titles look more legit by having the good wrestler win them instead of sticking them on charismatic wrestlers like Cena. Vladimir Kozlov is one of the best wrestlers in WWE right now but he is heavily booed. His character would probably be much better as a face.

TNA has recently caught a plague. They forgot what made them great in the first place. This being high paced fast hard wrestling in the form of the X-division. It seems they have cured themselves of this as they are just beginning to refocus on their X-division wrestlers. I have high hopes for TNA this year. In my personal opinion the best thing that TNA can do to try to get to the top is push the X-division title as the same level as the World title, with their all star cast of talented young wrestlers they can pull that off easily.

And as for their world title Samoa Joe should win it again, or give it to AJ whom had three NWA title reigns but has not had a TNA heavyweight title reign since the belt was created. The title could also be given to Rhino whom is recognized but is still young and talented. A surprise title win would not be too bad either, like say giving the title to someone like Abyss, Matt Morgan, Jay Lethal or Robert Rhoode.


4. Better storylines

Slowly but surely both companies are developing better storylines. The Legacy vs McMahons story has a lot of potential as does the TNA originals vs M.E.M story but only if they are gone about properly. A new member to the Mafia would make this a hell of a lot more interesting and WWE could easily used the current Legacy feud to introduce a new young talent like Brett Dibiase, Joe Hennig or to reintroduce DH Smith. The potential is there it is just up to the companies to try to fulfill it.

I am sure there are more but these are the 4 key ones that stick out to me. I hope this era in Pro wrestling is a great one. It has the potential to be greater than the attitude era but only if it is gone about right. The stage is set it is up to the promoters now.