Could Stephon Marbury Push the Celtics to Their Second Straight Title?

Curtis FinchumCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Stephon Marbury has played for a number of teams throughout his career (Suns, Nets, Timberwolves, and Knicks), and eventually led them into the ground. After departing from each of these teams (excluding the Knicks), the team seemed to improve.

The Nets got Jason Kidd, the Suns signed Steve Nash, and the T-Wolves still had Kevin Garnett. Marbury has seen little to no success in his career.

After reaching the playoffs in 2004 with the Knicks, their team chemistry only seemed to weaken as the locker room basically began to break. Marbury was the star and he made sure everyone knew it.

The next few seasons brought new things to New York but Marbury stayed the same. With new teammates and coaches coming in like a revolving door, the Knicks became worse and Marbury became more conceded.

Larry Brown, who is one of the elite coaches in the NBA, couldn't even manage to stick around more than one season.

Mike D'Antoni's first season as the Knicks head coach completely changed everything.

D'Antoni brought in former Chicago Bull Chris Duhon to play point guard, began developing highly athletic Nate Robinson, and inactivated Marbury at the beginning of the regular season.

Throughout the first half of the season, Marbury sought a buyout from the Knicks, so that he could either join another team or go play in Europe. 

On Feb. 24, Marbury finally got what he wanted; the buyout became official, allowing him to sign with any team that was interested in him.

That pool was small, however, the Boston Celtics surprised everyone by showing significant interest in the cancerous point guard. With Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Garnett, the Celtics already had three All-Star leaders on the roster.

Rajon Rondo was the key to their success last season and has only improved his game this season. 

With Eddie House, Tony Allen, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, and Leon Powe leading a very young and talented supporting cast, why would the Celtics need a backup point guard?

Marbury, if his attitude is held in check, can be a catalyst off of the bench for the Celtics, allowing House to be more of a spot-up shooter and open more lanes for Allen to slash his way through.

Marbury's talent and athleticism could be a huge asset for the Celtics' interest, along with the leadership that they already have in the locker room, drowning out Marbury's selfishness. 

The biggest question for the Celtics would be, what happens if Rondo hits a slump?

Will Marbury begin questioning head coach Doc Rivers' decisions in not starting him over the young point guard or will he start saying he's the best point guard on this team?

Marbury must get this through his tattooed head, this is not his team!

This team belongs to the likes of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen. Marbury can help this team win a second straight title, if he obeys the rules that will be set by not only the Celtics' coaching staff and management but by the players as well. 

This could be Marbury's last chance to prove that he has become humble, while sitting on the bench as an inactive player.

The only questions that will be floating around will be when will the next Marbury explosion take place and will he be a Celtic when it occurs?

It's time to find out what Marbury is made of.