Shaun Rogers Should Be Upset

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

Shaun Rogers was upset with Browns coach Eric Mangini. Now he’s really upset with Mangini.

"Rogers has grown so disenchanted with the situation in Cleveland that he has asked the Browns not to pick up the $6 million option-bonus payment due to him next month, a source close to the defensive tackle said. Rogers would rather be released after one season with the Browns, despite still being owed another $15 million in guaranteed money.

"Some of Rogers’ feelings stem back to two offseason incidents in which he believes Mangini disrespected him. The first time, Mangini walked into the Browns’ training room and failed to say hello to Rogers. The next time, at a public charity function in which both men were in the green room, neither said hello to the other, and Mangini later said he didn’t know Rogers was there."

Many are saying that Shaun Rogers is being too sensitive, and that he’s stupid for turning down $6 million over this.

No way. You can’t put a price on hellos.

It’s like in high school when a pretty girl you knew was walking towards you. You slowed down and made eye contact. She saw you in the corner of her eye but pretended she didn’t. But then she stopped. Thirty seconds later. To talk to the kid who just beat the crap out of you the day before.

I mean, that never happened to me, but I can imagine how hurtful that must be. I feel your pain, Shaun. I really do.

Wait, crap. That’s something else I’m feeling.

Original image via Lampoon Journal