Rahman Wants to Fight MMA Now

Jason CottierAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2009

Hasim Rahman has expressed interest in MMA.  He wants to start fighting in MMA within the next two to three months.  I read a report on Sherdog.com that said Rahman called out some big name fighters...then they named fighters like Kimbo, James Thompson, and Butterbean.  Ok where are the big name fighters he called out?

Rahman has no ground experience at all.  He was a great street fighter, they say.  Hell in that case since we are going to talk about fights that there is no way to check the record I am the greatest street fighter of all time.  If he wants to join the sideshow freaks, then call it what it is.  Rahman wants to stand and trade punches with four oz. gloves with wild swinging clubbing fighters like Tank Abbott.

Rahman's spokesperson went on to say that Hasim is very serious about MMA, but he can't find a gym that trains MMA.  I live in a town that has 600 people in it, and I can find three MMA training centers within 20 miles.  That leads me to believe that he is nowhere near serious about actually making a transition. 

How cocky is Rahman if he honestly believes that this transition can be done in two to three months with no training other than boxing?  Can he stand toe to toe and slug with the best in the sport...very likely, he would probably even knock most of them if not all of them out.

What about the Thai clinch?  What about take downs? What about leg kicks...for that matter the kicking game all together?  Let's see how well he would fare against Cro Cop.

The sponsor even commented on Ray Mercer, not being the caliber of boxer that Rahman is.  Mercer may not have a lucky punch KO of Lennox Lewis, but that really doesn't make Rahman an elite fighter like they tend to think it does.

If Rahman decides to take this seriously, then I would watch and be happy for him if he succeeds, but I just have this feeling that he will be over-hyped and a huge flop.