Tennessee Football: Seldom-Used Linebacker Greg King Gets His Shot on Offense

Kevin KingSenior Analyst IIAugust 20, 2012

Compliments of 247sports.com
Compliments of 247sports.com

Redshirt junior linebacker Greg King has seen his playing time slip since 2009. That year, he played in 10 games for the Tennessee Volunteers. In 2011, he played on special teams in one game.

On Saturday, he volunteered to step up and take on a tight end role to help the Vols fill an area of need. In Sunday's practice, he was with the tight ends. Hopefully, it will turn into a good fit for the player and the team.

Coach Derek Dooley wants to use the final two days of fall camp to "lock in" on a couple of opportunities to improve the 2012 Vols. The things he discussed in his Sunday interview on UTSports.com were a change at tight end and the importance of getting something good out of yesterday and today.

With three UT tight ends on crutches at the Sunday practice, the need for help there is obvious. Redshirt senior fullback Ben Bartholomew and redshirt junior linebacker Greg King will both be learning the tight end position. Bartholomew has already received significant work there, but for King, it's a whole new experience.

King, who is currently not listed on the two-deep chart at linebacker, may get another opportunity to see the playing field if he is able to contribute. Body types for the fullbacks, linebackers and tight ends are all virtually the same. So, from a size standpoint, the 6'2", 239-pound King will fit right in.

The idea for King to make the move was his. He mentioned it to Coach Dooley on Saturday; on Sunday, he was with the tight end group.

It is definitely an opportunity for King to play.

When asked how long it was likely to take to get the player ready to contribute, Dooley replied that he didn't yet know. There was much assessment work to be done before they could determine how much, if any, help King could be.   

Many successful careers have begun in a similar fashion. Here is hoping this team player is going to be such a story for the Vols.

I figure Coach Dooley would be happy with that, too.