WWE SummerSlam Results: Why the Time Following a PPV Is Most Exciting for Fans

Jonathan BonesFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2012

Will we now get a straight CM Punk vs John Cena feud? (image: wwe.com)
Will we now get a straight CM Punk vs John Cena feud? (image: wwe.com)

However good or bad the event was, the time following a WWE pay-per-view is the most exciting for its fans. It's the time when we see what new angles the creative team has up their sleevewho's next to be pushed into world title contention and where things stand in the fallout from the night's events.

With the effective end of brand extension as it was, the following night's Raw is where we tune in for all developments and where our hopes are either fulfilled or frustrated. Will one of our favourite wrestlers receive a surprise push in a Number One Contenders Battle Royal? Will we see an old rivalry renewed and hostilities resumed? And will last night's loser drop down the card?

What can be most disappointing is when, despite whatever went down last night, nothing changes at all. The previous failed challenger gets another title shot, and at the next PPV the only difference is that there are no disqualifications.

But, as with CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho at WrestleMania and then Extreme Rules, why should we expect the result to be any different? This is where the biggest disappointment can occur—last night's action was all for naught despite a clean finish, and we're treading water for the next month until we see the same result again.

So, where does it look like we're headed after SummerSlam?

After a lacklustre match at Money in the Bank, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio had a better bout. After the clean finish of their first encounter, there wasn't much demand for a rematch, but we got it anyway. Following last night's ending, there's far more cause for a rematch now. But, could anyone really get excited during yet another build between the two?

The WWE Championship Triple Threat predictably ended with The Big Show taking the pin, seemingly setting up a singles encounter between CM Punk and John Cena. After their now legendary match at last year's Money in the Bank, it's certainly a match to get excited for.

But, why didn't we have that match this time around? With the wheels being set in motion last year by Punk's instant classic promo on Raw, perhaps the build for Night of Champions can recapture that spirit and be a treat in itself.

Right now we can't be sure what will happen and what swerves might be delivered. Maybe The Big Show will drop down from the main event and feud with a newly angered Kane. Maybe last year's blue briefcase winner Daniel Bryan will feud with this year's, Dolph Ziggler. Maybe The Great Khali will defeat CM Punk and Sheamus in a Triple Threat to unify the world titles.

One thing's for sure though, it's the excitement and potential of the new unknown angles that make times like this some of the most exciting to be a fan, and I, for one, always hope for something new rather than a rehash of what we've already seen.