WWE SummerSlam 2012 Results: 10 Big Questions Heading into Night of Champions

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIAugust 20, 2012

WWE SummerSlam 2012 Results: 10 Big Questions Heading into Night of Champions

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    Pay-per-views are meant to provide answers and while typically they do, they add new questions in the process. SummerSlam 2012 was no different.

    There was much to wonder heading into SummerSlam. Most of the issues have been resolved and now it's time to look ahead to Night of Champions on Sept. 16.

    Fans know one thing for sure: All titles will be on the line. But the rest is up in the air until matches are set and feuds begin building (or continue developing).

    Here are the 10 biggest questions as we move past SummerSlam.

What Will Antonio Cesaro Do with the United States Championship?

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    The United States Championship has switched from Santino Marella to Antonio Cesaro.

    The title will be on the line at Night of Champions, but who will be defending the belt and how much prestige will it have?

    The U.S. title doesn't have much at the moment.

    If it changed hands on tomorrow night's Raw, it wouldn't come as a shock.

    Cesaro's course as champion can go many ways, from dropping it back to Marella in 24 hours, to dominating the competition and restoring glory. The question is, which way will it go?

Will Night of Champions Host Layla vs. Beth Phoenix Round 17?

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    Okay, 17 may be a bit of an exaggeration, but Layla and Beth Phoenix have fought too many times.

    Is there no one else?

    At Night of Champions, Layla has to defend her Divas Championship.

    Aksana, AJ, Cameron, Naomi and Rosa Mendes don't wrestle. Alicia Fox would be boring. Tamina Snuka and Natalya—both of whom are full of talent—haven't been featured in who knows how long.

    That leaves Phoenix, Eve, Kaitlyn and Kelly Kelly.

    Unless Kaitlyn or Kelly turn heel, neither of them are likely.

    Narrowed down, it's a rematch with Phoenix or a fresh feud with Eve.

    Let's hope for the latter.

Is the Miz Going to Get a Real Feud?

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    The Miz defeated Rey Mysterio at SummerSlam and though they put on a quality match, the buildup was nonexistent.

    Starting at tonight's Raw, The Miz needs an actual feud.

    Even if it's Mysterio, a proper build up and feud needs to be set into motion before Night of Champions.

Can a New Tag Team Build Enough Momentum to Challenge the Champions?

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    Fans have seen plenty of Prime Time Players vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth matches. Before this it was "R-Boom" versus Epico and Primo.

    In between, it was PTP and Epico and Primo.

    If the tag team division is going to ever build up, another team has to be inserted into this mix. It's not fun to see the same three teams switch off for four months at a time.

Who Will Be Left Off the Night of Champions Card?

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    Night of Champions puts all six titles on the line. Typically, pay-per-views have six or seven matches total.

    With seven matches (one being a tag team), 16 superstars will have an opportunity.

    There's just one problem: There are so many talented members of the roster.

    Randy Orton was left out of SummerSlam. If he returns in say, the World Heavyweight Championship picture, does Alberto Del Rio miss?

    Others such as Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow garner consideration too.

    But you can't fit everyone.

What Is Next for Dolph Ziggler?

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    Dolph Ziggler has had more unsuccessful opportunities at the World Heavyweight Championship in the last year than anyone else. Okay, everyone else except Alberto Del Rio.

    He's lost to CM Punk. He's lost several times to Sheamus. Now he's lost to Chris Jericho.

    Is Dolph Ziggler ever going to get over the hump?

    Ziggler still possesses the briefcase and therefore can take on Sheamus for the title any time he's ready.

    Two PPVs after winning the briefcase, hopefully he's ready soon. Otherwise, this angle is going to die soon.

    Likewise, Ziggler needs to win against a high-profile opponent soon or he'll be trapped in the mid-card for awhile longer.

Who's Next for Sheamus?

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    The Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus feud cannot continue into another pay-per-view. It's time for someone else—anyone else.

    The question is, who?

    Dolph Ziggler could finally cash in his briefcase. Wade Barrett could return in between now and then. Shoot, even Tensai would be something different.

Is Chris Jericho Staying or Going?

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    It seems as though one question has been circulating the entire summer.

    Is Chris Jericho staying for awhile or leaving to tour with his band?

    His leaving would have been easy had he lost to Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

    Instead, he won.

    So now what? Is he going to stick around a little while longer? Will he disappear with no word?

    It will be interesting to see how Jericho's eventual leave will take place.

What Is the Next Step Toward Royal Rumble?

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    Night of Champions may be next, but The Rock's declaration about contending for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble has most of us already looking toward January 2013.

    Still, each PPV in between now and then has to serve as a logical stepping stone.

    CM Punk vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena at SummerSlam culminated Cena's cash in against Punk and Show's distaste for Cena.

    Now what?

    Most likely Cena and Punk will battle solo.

    In this case, what happens to Big Show and will The Rock sit out another PPV?

What Are the Implications from Brock Lesnar's Win?

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    By now, it's widely known that Brock Lesnar is signed to very few appearances over the course of one year.

    Hence, he hasn't shown up very much since his return after WrestleMania 28.

    There was three appearances and a match at Extreme Rules. Then there was four appearances and a match at SummerSlam.

    Should we now expect Lesnar to disappear?

    Will he show up three or four times before another match at Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 29?

    Anything regarding Lesnar is intriguing. Naturally, his next opponent is one of the biggest question marks in WWE right now.

    Will Night of Champions bring about a new opponent for Lesnar?

    Furthermore, what happens to Triple H? Twitter blew up after SummerSlam with speculation that he's done for good now.