Holyfield Calls out the Klitschkos, Tries to Entice Them with a Huge Payday

Vitali SCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2012

Evander Holyfield simply won’t retire, but at the very same time he's struggling to get a good fight signed. In a recent interview with SkySports, Holyfield decided to tackle his approach to luring in the Klitschko brothers in a different fashion, this time not claiming that he will beat either brother, but simply stating that they should consider fighting him for a bigger paycheck:

"They (the Klitschkos) have got an opportunity to probably make the biggest payday of their lives fighting Evander Holyfield. They are telling everyone that they respect me, and that they don't want to beat me up. But I fought George Foreman, I fought Larry Holmes, and I said the same thing. I said that I wouldn't get any credibility from beating someone older. They said 'but, we are going to get you 20 million, what do you think?’ I said make sure that guy wants to fight me, because I don't want it to look like I fought that older guy, but that he fought me. With the Klitschkos, they aren't choosing to fight me; I've said I'll fight them. All they got to do is realize that both of us will make money, then we'll see who the winner is," stated Holyfield.

I don’t think that this attempt will be any more successful than any other, as the Klitschko brothers have plenty of money, and probably would not be enticed by it as much as Evander hopes they would.

Nevertheless, he does have a point. He is calling them out, and despite the fact that he is way too old for this fight, his right to facing them should not be any less than other fighters who have recently lost or have very little to show as far as their fight record goes.

Evander has always been a warrior, and does deserve that fight. The only issue is not that he fights them and loses, which is probably a given, but that he gets seriously injured during the bout. As a veteran of the sport, Evander has been through numerous wars, and the war wounds, despite not necessarily being evident, are there.

Would either of the Klitschko brothers make more money fighting Evander than in any other of their previous fights? I think so. But the people going to the fight and tuning in on their TVs will be doing so for a very nasty reason: to see Evander fall.

I do think he deserves the match more than most fighters; At the same time, for the sake of trying to preserve one of boxing’s greats in good health, I hope that Vitali and Wladimir don’t even humor the idea.