WWE SummerSlam 2012: The Miz Defeats Rey Mysterio and Retains His Title

Luis CamposAnalyst IAugust 19, 2012


Despite the fact that California hero Rey Mysterio came out to the ring wearing an awesome amalgamation of his regular mask and Batman's iconic cowl, his efforts in the ring were pointless, as in the end he was still defeated by The Miz. 

The match between The Miz and Rey Mysterio for the intercontinental championship was one that seemed to come out of nowhere, and as such the feud between these two men was short lived and uninteresting. 

Their SummerSlam was equally disappointing, as the match neither showed off the individual talents of these men nor helped to promote a future match between the pair. 

Like the feud that was set up by the WWE's creative team, this match felt uninspired and rushed and was good for nothing if not the small bathroom break that it provided for those watching the pay-per-view event. 

Before the match had even started, it was obvious that the WWE would keep the title on The Miz, whom the promotion seems to be keen on keeping in the midcard as a means to promote his upcoming WWE Studios film. 

Now that this match is over, it will be interesting to see whom The Miz will face next. 

Chances are that the title will remain on The Miz for a while, meaning that whomever The Miz feuds with next will probably have to job for him. 

Is Zack Ryder still available? 


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