Rousey vs. Kaufman Fight: Power Ranking Ronda Rousey's Pro Fights

Cody Guinn@@CKissGuinnContributor IIIAugust 19, 2012

Rousey vs. Kaufman Fight: Power Ranking Ronda Rousey's Pro Fights

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    World champion and 6-0.

    You don't hear that very often, but it's not very often someone comes along in the world of mixed martial arts like Ronda Rousey.

    All six of her victories have come in the first round and by submission via armbar.

    Whether you like her or not, there is no doubt she is a force in women's MMA.

    Saturday night, she proved once again why she is regarded as one of the top female fighters in the world today.

    You may have only seen her last two fights which were fought for Strikeforce gold, so here is a rundown of Rousey's professional fights since turning pro in early 2011.

6. Sarah D'Alelio

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    Rousey made her debut in Strikeforce against Sarah D'Alelio in August of 2011.

    D'Alelio went for a standing guillotine early, but Rousey was able to turn the tables and went for a flying armbar.

    She secured the arm, but before there could be a tap, Steve Mazzagatti stepped in and stopped the fight to the displeasure of D'Alelio.

5. Julia Budd

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    In Rousey's final bout before her Strikeforce title shot, she faced Julia Budd.

    Budd came forward early and hit Rousey with a few nice shots, but Rousey quickly clinched Budd up and took the fight to the ground.

    Rousey worked her way to the mounted position and locked in an armbar. The bout was stopped at :39 seconds in the first round. 

4. Charmaine Tweet

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    About three months following her debut, Rousey was back in the cage again, this time against Charmaine Tweet.

    Rousey landed a trip early, but Tweet scrambled and Rousey ended up on her back while Tweet allowed her to stand back up.

    Moments later, Rousey landed yet another solid judo-style trip takedown.

    Rousey landed a few strikes from the mount, then quickly transitioned into the armbar and picked up the victory at :49 in the first round.

3. Ediene Gomes

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    Rousey's first-ever professional fight was against Ediene Gomes in March of 2011.

    Rousey came out fast and used her judo to drag the bout to the ground.

    Rousey quickly attacked with vicious ground and pound before applying the armbar and picking up the victory at :25 in the first round.

    Talk about a solid professional debut.

2. Sarah Kaufman

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    Saturday night, Rousey made her first Strikeforce title defense against Sarah Kaufman.

    Rousey came out fast and landed a few strikes on Kaufman before pushing her up against the cage and dragging her to the ground.

    It was only a few moments later when Rousey got a hold of Kaufman's arm and secured her signature armbar.

1. Meisha Tate

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    Rousey's best performance inside the Strikeforce cage, to me, was her bout against Meisha Tate.

    Tate was very game and was throwing good strikes at Rousey.

    Tate's ability to throw strikes at Rousey wasn't what made this fight, though. That was Tate's ability to hang with Rousey on the ground.

    Still, Rousey came through in the end, securing one of the nastiest armbars in MMA history and bursting onto the MMA scene.