WWE SummerSlam 2012: Pauly D Shouldn't Be Social Media Ambassador; 5 Who Should

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 19, 2012

WWE SummerSlam 2012: Pauly D Shouldn't Be Social Media Ambassador; 5 Who Should

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    It was announced this past week on RAW (h/t International Business Times) that popular MTV personality and DJ Pauly D would be back by absent demand as RAW's social media ambassador. 

    In fact, the Jersey Show reality star did such a sketchy job pretending to care about pro wrestling the first time around, he was eventually called out by his own Twitter followers (h/t WNZ) for allegedly having his account doctored by somebody whom he delegated ambassador abilities to.  You know?  Since the grammatically-incorrect, borderline-incoherent New Jersey rubbish they were used to was just off.   

    The WWE has a nice, long list of famous pro wrestling fans who would fit right in to their newest synergistic marketing tool as everybody from pro athletes to famous actors follow the product and would have much more fun Tweeting live during SummerSlam than Pauly D's alleged doppleganger. 

1. Robert Griffin III

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    The NFL's quarterback sensation in waiting, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is still a relatively fresh face who has not yet achieved so much fame that he would be below any association with professional wrestling. 

    RG III recently admitted to being a huge wrestling fan, notably during the Monday Night Wars era, and while some of his recollections of wrestling angles and feuds weren't fully accurate, (h/t WNZ) he still projected the passion for pro wrestling that could only be conveyed by a true fan. 

2. Chael Sonnen

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    Sure, the WWE is like a stubborn horse being led to water when it comes to making mentions or having associations with the UFC, but Chael Sonnen has made no bones about his love for pro wrestling.

    Known from, well, borrowing from pro wrestling promos during pre-fight hype interviews and post-fight promos, Sonnen's gift of gab would make him the perfect fit for a social media ambassador role, although he does keep a relatively low profile on Twitter. 

3. Bill Simmons

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    The unipolar blogger on ESPN has popularity to give away online, and follows the WWE as closely as anybody. 

    Simmons' intricate knowledge of wrestling's unique product mixed with his signature irreverence would prove for some killer tweets on a card that just may need something outside of what is being advertised in the ring to be considered a success.

4. The Rock

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    And why not?  The WWE needs some way to further the feud with the Rock and [Insert WWE Champion] come January's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. 

    The Rock's limited appearance role basically places him on the same level as an ambassador, and sometimes he can barely be pried off Twitter.  It's a match made in the People's Heaven. 

5. Alfred "Big Nasty" Konuwa

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    And why not?!  Have they not taken notice of the fact that I tweet live during every one of their pay-per-views, no matter how miserable?  Is 'the office' not ready to give credence to my wildly popular videos, or oh-so addictive debates with one Justin LaBar?

    Does the WWE Chairman feel threatened that yours truly would do so good of a job breaking down WWE action on Twitter, the board of directors would vote to liquidate his power in favor of myself? 

    Or are they just apprehensive towards saying the term "Big Nasty" in a PG environment? 

    The dilemma is inexplicable if not unacceptable. 


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