College Basketball Recruiting: Dominic Woodson Includes Kentucky in Top 10

Nick NafpliotisCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2012

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On his Twitter account yesterday, college basketball center prospect Dominic Woodson released his top ten college choices. The list consists of N.C. State, Baylor, Texas A&M, UConn, Memphis, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Rhode Island, Oklahoma and Kentucky. He also was quick to point out that the list was in no certain order.

According to, Woodson is ranked as the ninth-best center prospect (78th overall) in the Class of 2013. While Kentucky fans may have been a bit too spoiled with recruiting to get too excited over "only" the ninth-best center prospect, there are a couple things Big Blue Nation should take note of:

  • Woodson is a teammate of highly regarded Kentucky recruit (and probably the very best player in the Class of 2014), Andrew Wiggins.
  • Andrew Cassady of Kentucky Sports Radio recently made an excellent point when he noted that even though the Wildcats have not shown much interest in Woodson, he still has them in his top 10 right alongside many schools that are pulling out all the stops to get him. 

Kentucky basketball has come a long way from the days of Bill Gillispie securing commitments from middle school students. Big Blue is back to a level where the tradition and reputation can oftentimes do much of the recruiting on their own.


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