Under-the-Radar Free Agents for Kansas City Chiefs

TJ GerrityCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

Free Agency is starting Friday, and with it, I suspect, will come big changes to the Chiefs. I hear people talking about signing huge free agents like T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Ray Lewis, but let's get real, what big-name guy wants to come to KC? We were 2-14 last year.

Yes, we now have Scott Pioli and Todd Haley in charge, instead of King Carl and the Herminator, but that only slightly increases our attractiveness. Instead of going after a few big-name guys, I suspect Pioli will go after lots of lesser known guys. He won't be bringing in scrubs, but middle-of-the-pack guys to come in and compete for jobs.

New England was known, especially in their secondary, to be able to just plug in the next guy on the depth chart and continue on like nothing happened. Pioli will want to be able to do that here, ideally at every position. Look for us to sign between 10 and 20 free agents, especially considering the cap room we have.

Here are a few guys I suspect, and hope, we go after:

Bart Scott MLB - 6'2  240 lbs. Not necessarily lesser known, but less expensive than many of the guys out there. I would be on him being one of our top priorities, but I don't expect we sign him.


Channing Crowder MLB - 6'2  250 lbs. Has been the starting MLB for the Dolphins, and finished last season with 113 tackles, and six passes defended. He's only 25, and he's going to get better.

I put him at No. 1 in terms of attainable UFA's. With him, DJ, and maybe Aaron Curry (if we draft him) we would go from one of the worst group of LB's to one of the best, young groups.


Michael Boley OLB - 6'3  225 lbs. 26 years old, started every game for the Falcons since he was drafted. He's a little undersized (like Donnie Edwards) but is fast and is a good tackler. He's not a perfect fit with KC, as he is best suited to play the Will, which is Derrick Johnson's position, but Johnson showed last year he could play MLB if needed.


Igor Olshansky DT/DE - 6'6  310 lbs. He played DE in San Diego's 3-4 defense, but he's obviously big enough to play in the middle here in KC if we stay with the 4-3. If we do indeed go 3-4, we have another piece to the puzzle of finding the proper personnel to fit that scheme.

Olshansky is a powerful guy capable of pushing the pocket back, and was probably San Diego's best run stuffer, which is something we desperately need.


Jason Brown OC/OG - 6'3  320 lbs. Not exactly "Under the Radar" either, as he will be one of the more highly sought-after OL this year, but he played both Guard and Center in college, and has played both so far in the NFL with the Ravens. He's a very strong OL and is good holding up to massive NTs (good since now two of the teams in our division are running that).

We may have to pay top-dollar for Brown, but he will be well worth the $5-6 million per year he might demand, especially since he's only 25.