Manchester United Transfer Rumors: Players Who May Arrive Because of van Persie

Bryan Kalbrosky@@BryanKalbroskyCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2012

Manchester United Transfer Rumors: Players Who May Arrive Because of van Persie

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    Robin van Persie may have signed with Manchester United, but that’s certainly not the last move you’ll hear of.

    In a transfer that shook the sports world, the Premier League’s top scorer Robin van Persie was picked up by Manchester United and left Arsenal. With him, the Dutch striker carries a rejuvenated energy that may help Manchester United edge their talent over rival Manchester City. Furthermore, fans may expect that players from across the world will be interested in playing with an already spectacular lineup including Wayne Rooney and the Dutch star.

    Many wondered if the van Persie move had anything to do with Man U’s past inability to sign David Silva. If so, the impassioned Manchester United club garnered much praise for their move.

    “We never thought we’d get van Persie. Robin is a world-class striker with a proven record in England and in European football," said Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson (via "His talents need no introduction to our fans. His movement, finishing and all-round ability are outstanding."

    But when asked if Manchester United was interested in bringing more players in, administration seemed optimistic.

Assorted Rumors

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    Some may wonder if Sir Alex’s devoted interest to David Silva would bring him to look at players similar to Silva (e.g. Wesley Sneijder, Samir Nasri, Eden Hazard, Lucas Moura—who went to Paris Saint Germain—and Luka Modric—who is locked in a contract with Tottenham) but that would mean a lot of extra money

    “Maybe in one other position," Ferguson said (per "We have spent a big amount of money and, if I need to go to the owners, I am sure they would say 'yes'. But it's only if a certain player would become available."

    One player that they were rumored to be looking at is 18-year-old Chilean Angelo Henriquez. The International Business Times stated the rumored move was for £3.5 million in a transfer from Universidad de Chile. ESPN confirmed that Henriquez had signed with Manchester United for the long haul.

    Polish striker Robert Lewandowski was also rumored by the IB Times to have had interest in Manchester United, but he has since denied those reports to Polish newspaper Przeglad Sportowy (via ESPN). It was his agents, however, that have done most of the speculated talking geared towards Manchester United.

Center Midfield

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    While Manchester United have secured Van Persie, there’s still a desperate need for a central-midfielder for playmaking and dribbling.

    That player may have been found in Moussa Dembele, also in talks with Real Madrid. Dembele can play striker, but is also known as an attacking midfielder.

    ''I feel more of a midfielder than striker. It is even my favorite position,” said Dembele, according to Daily Mail.

    Another favorite for the job could be Mexican Olympic hero Hector Herrera, who has been essentially green-lighted to leave his club at any time. The 22-year-old has been contacted by both Liverpool and United.

    Other leading options include Benfica star Axel Witsel (but his rumored £31 million contract request reported by talkSPORT seems outlandish), Javy Garcia and Daniele De Rossi from Italy.

Left Back

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    Meanwhile, Manchester United hopes to improve their left back position as Fabio has moved on a loan to Queens Park Rangers, leaving Patrice Evra as the only contending left back.

    Perhaps one solution could be Leighton Baines, rumored by ESPN to be associated with Manchester United.

    Portuguese international Eliseu and his Malaga teammate Nacho Monreal are two more individuals who have stepped up for speculation in that role (via the Daily Mail). The 28-year-old Eliseu is being looked at by Manchester United, as is the 26-year-old Nacho Monreal.

    Both would provide good help at the weak left back position. 

Center Back

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    In that regard, there’s also worry about the center back position for Manchester United next season as well.

    "Evans is recovering from an operation. Smalling is out for three months," the skipper continued (per "Jones got a muscle injury in his back and was sent home from Norway. So the area we're concerned about is center back. Evans won't be ready for the start of the season. He won't be far away but he won't be ready.”

    So why not get crafty? reports the 24-year-old Moroccan Mehdi Benatia is getting tracked by Manchester United and could be a huge addition to the squad.

    Metro reports Arsenal and Manchester United are also currently tracking Neven Subotic, and he would be a stellar signing for the Red Devils.

    Certainly, if Manchester United is able to secure one of these players, they will be primed for success and a run at the title in the upcoming season.