Arsenal FC: 5 Reasons Why the Gunners Are Already Doomed

Manny Otiko@@mannyotiko Contributor IIIAugust 17, 2012

Arsenal FC: 5 Reasons Why the Gunners Are Already Doomed

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    Not so long ago, Arsenal FC was a top four Premiership team capable of challenging bitter rivals Manchester United for national and domestic honors. Also not so long ago, Arsenal faced Barcelona in the Champions League final.

    But those days are long gone.

    A new wave has swept over Arsenal's management, which has turned the club into a selling team. Face it Gooners, Arsenal will be lucky to make it into the top four or win a domestic trophy this season.

    The salad days are over and here is why.

The Sale of Robin van Persie

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    Over the last 10 years, I have watched a lot of Arsenal stars leave Highbury and then the Emirates Stadium, but the sale of RvP was especially galling. It's one thing to sell your talismanic star player, but another thing to sell him to your hated rivals.

    United are already a length ahead of the Gunners in the title race, but this is a sign that Arsenal has just given up. So now the Red Devils will line up with a stronger squad, plus Arsenal's top scorer.

    Kill me now. If you thought that last season's 8-2 loss was bad, even worse is coming. 

Alex Song's Possible Departure

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    It's bad enough that the Gunners are going to lose their top scorer, but now their midfield engine is on the bubble, too. And how many players are going to turn down a chance to play alongside the superstars at Barcelona?

    Arsenal are now a selling club, where players go to raise their profile, before they get a big contract. I am tired of seeing the best of Arsenal's talent turning out for Manchester City and Barca.

    Have Arsenal become their farm team now?

Wenger's over-30 Policy

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    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger once said that when a player hits 30, his best days are behind him. And this has been the reason why he let experienced stars such as Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva, Robert Pires and now Van Persie, who is only 29, go. 

    In the cases of the aforementioned stars, they all went on to prove that there was still life left in their old legs. Arsenal would have been better to sign them to two-year contracts and squeeze the remaining blood out of the stone.

    Instead, they went to other clubs where they still delivered the goods. 

Substandard Replacements

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    Wenger's policy has been to replace established stars with youngsters or Francophone imports. And frankly it hasn't worked.

    Jack Wilshere has shown promise but he has been out for more than a year, plus I think it's a bit much to ask him to replace world-class superstars like Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. 

    Marouane Chamakh was drafted into lead the front line, but has underperformed.

    I am not optimistic about Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud either.

    How long is it going to take them to adjust to the EPL and settle in England? You just can't replace superstars with kids and upstarts. 

Arsenal's Financial Limitations

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    Arsenal is hamstrung by the debt acquired from their new stadium costs and limited pay structure. Yes, modern salaries are outrageous, but if you can't be competitive, you are going to watch your best talent go to other teams.

    And while Arsenal, has been ranked as one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, I question how this will affect their long-term financial situation. Sure the fans are loyal, but how long will they keep buying shirts and tickets, if the team slides down the league and still fails to win a trophy?

    I think the clubs owners are looking at the short-term financial goals, over long-term ones. 

    This is just a short list of the problems Arsenal FC is facing. Sadly, fans and pundits could possibly list at least 10 more problems. But what it boils down to is a very dim future for the Gooners.

    It looks like the only way Arsenal will win a trophy is on FIFA Manager