NCAA Tournament Kicks Off: Are You Feeling a Little Bit Sick?

Noah DorranceContributor IMarch 14, 2008

I think I feel a cold coming on. 

You know, just that slightly achy, with a wee touch of sluggish-ness feeling.  Maybe it's the change in weather brought about by Spring. 

I've started loading up on the Emergen-C to fend off this impending sickness.  However, my throat is just ever so scratchy.

I would have taken Airborne, but in case you didn't hear there is an impending class action suit against the makers since it doesn't work as advertised.  You can even get like $45 without proof of purchase.  For real! 

Still, I think I can hold this thing off for at least another few days.   I am a real fighter, but I'm pretty sure that this bug is going to take me down sooner or later. 

If forced at gunpoint to pick a day when I'll probably be too sick to work, I'd most likely say sometime around March 20th. 

I'll probably have to miss work on March 21st as well. 

I really hate to miss work, but you've got to take care of yourself.  And I also don't want to get everyone else at work sick, right?

I wonder what I'll do while sick at home?  Probably eat chicken soup and read a good book.

What's that you say?  The first round of the NCAA tournament starts on that Thursday?  NO WAY!

In all seriousness, is there a better time of year than March Madness? 

Solid days filled with buzzer beaters, underdogs, joy, and tears.  One shining moment, baby!

Throw in a nationwide gambling phenomenon, beer drinking, and smack talking, and you've got a recipe for something nearing Christmas-sized proportions. 

When I was in elementary and high school, my parents used to let me stay home from school for one of the first round days.  One year, my dad even wrote some cockamamie note that tried to correlate the first day of deer hunting season to the first round of the tournament.

If you pop your head into any sports bar across the country on Thursday or Friday, you'll see many adults playing the same kind of hooky.  The powers that be should just go with it and make these days official national holidays.

And why not?  The first two days of the NCAA tourney certainly beat the pants off of President's and Columbus Days.

I'm already trying to pace myself. 

I don't need to catch every game of the Big East and SEC tournaments do I?  I can just watch Sportscenter, right? 

I should really spend some QT with my wife and build up some goodwill.  Maybe go to dinner and a movie with a nice foot massage afterwards.  Because by next Sunday night, I'll need all the brownie points I can get.

So, (cough, cough) anyone else feel an illness coming on next week?