Who Would You Like To See Punted By Randy Orton?

Alberto CortezCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

The Question is simple,"Who Would You Like To See Punted By Randy Orton?"

Randy has a vicious streak, we all now that. He's a top heel and has made a name for himself taking out legends, opponents, and anyone else that stand in his way, and Randy favorite way to dispose of anyone that gets on his bad side is with a punt to the head...

Randy's been called a Viper, but what if his evil maneuver were used for good? Who would you target? Who truly is deserving of a good punt to the head?

I have my own list but please feel free to make your own and add them in the "Comments"....

Number 9: The Worst Gimmick of This Decade: King Booker

I'll admit I was a big Booker T fan whether he was a face or a heel, but as soon as he became King Booker I had to put the TV on mute anytime he came out...he was the most annoying gimmick in the WWE, and I was glad when anyone took him off his high-horse...

I was sad when he left the WWE, but I was mostly relieved that he could start off with a clean slate in TNA, but instead the old tired King Booker persona made me turn away from even bothering watching TNA programing.

I think it's time to put King Booker out to pasture, and he absolutely deserves a punt to the head.

Number 8: Irresponsible Mother of Octuplets: Nadya Suleman

I am by no means a woman hater, but how could anyone who already has six children that she cannot afford to take care of (she's on disability) have the "balls" to think its a good idea to have eight more kids?

Both Nadya's own mother and stepfather think she is totally nuts, irresponsible, and needs to be locked away.

Her oldest who is six years old says he does not want that many brothers and sisters, he said and I quote, "I don't want 8 brothers and sisters, imagine all of the crying"...the most disgusting thing about this whole thing is she is dipping into the Social security money that should be going towards retirees or truly disabled workers.

Imagine all of the taxes taken out of your hard earned paycheck going towards this woman and her 14 kids, because of her careless impulsion to procreate.

She is definitely punt worthy, who knows it might put some sense into her, because she was obviously dropped on her head a few times.....


Number 7: The Most Annoying Man In Showbiz: Andy Dick

Do I really need to explain this one? Andy Dick is the epitome of what disgusts the viewing public, I truly cannot stomach him. He's just awful and deserves to be punted for all his troubles....

Number 6: Kane vs Mysterio Rivalry: Whoever Was Behind That Storyline

In a moment when I, a devoted, and loyal wrestling and WWE fan stopped and thought to myself, what the hell!?

The storyline made no sense and didn't not benefit either wrestler, it was by far the worst storyline (in the WWE) of 2008. Truly it was a waste of 10 or 15 minutes on each episode of RAW that could of been used on anything else.....

Which ever writer fesses up to the crime must do the time...well maybe not time, but definitely a well delivered punt by Randy Orton.

Number 5: High School Musical: Both the Cast, Creators, and the Fans

Why? Simply because I hate any teeny bopper Disney crap creation (and no I didn't forget that Disney owns ESPN, I wasn't referring to you ESPN, so chill out) especially if its a bunch of angst filled dancing and singing teens who's biggest worry is that  "Mummy didn't buy me a Hummer for Christmas"...it's just so anti-wrestling culture it makes my skin crawl....

Randy should punt them so at least they have something good to sing about....

Number 4: Big Poppa Pump: Scott Steiner

I'm tired of seeing him not being able to carry a match, or a sentence...What has he ever truly accomplished other than being a steroids freak?

And then he has the nerve to talk down about greats in the industry like Ric Flair, he isn't even the best of the Steiner's, his brother Rick was way better in comparison, and yet he has the nerve to compare himself to Flair.

Number 3: Beth Phoenix's Girlfriend: Santino Marella

I know Santino is supposed to be the comic relief, but hey you can't blame me for wanting to see him get punted by Orton can you, he just manages to get under my skin...


Number 2: The Glorified Cue Card Reader: Nancy Grace

One of the many media scavengers looking to make a name for herself by exploiting the tragedy of Chris Benoit's death. She was so disrespectful, and so ignorant of the wrestling world when the Chris Benoit Scandal broke.

She truly did not know anything about wrestling yet she was there to lend the viewing public her slanted opinion on Chris Benoit's life and career by calling him a "barbarian", and urging the public that the wrestling world promotes steroid use and violence.

Without question, she deserves a good punt to the head, made then she can respect the wrestling world as it should be.


Number 1: Last But Not Least: Anyone Who Thinks Wrestling Is Fake

I don't really have to explain it, while it may be scripted, the action is real and so is the excitement and athleticism, so if you don't agree expect a visit from Mr. Orton.