South Carolina Football: 5 Gamecocks Who Were Recruiting Busts

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2012

South Carolina Football: 5 Gamecocks Who Were Recruiting Busts

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    South Carolina has been knocking home runs right out of the park when it comes to recruiting. Head coach Steve Spurrier goes after who he wants, and he gets them. 

    Spurrier would much sooner recruit a 3-star player with a chip on his shoulder and a work ethic that will elevate his skills than a 4- or 5-star guy with an attitude. 

    With that being said, there are many highly-recruited players that have come to South Carolina and not panned out for whatever reason. 

    I present the five biggest busts of the last three years. 

Martay Mattox

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    Martay Mattox was supposed to be the next great corner for the Gamecocks. He was listed as the backup to Akeem Auguste headed into 2011. 

    He transferred suddenly in December of that year without making much impact. 

    He had potential, but it never came to be. Mattox never bought into being a cornerback, and wanted the opportunity to play quarterback. 

Lamar Scruggs

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    A 4-star receiver is generally supposed to have a big impact on the field.

    Lamar Scruggs never did.

    He was a liability when playing. He showed an inability to get open, brick hands and only had three catches in two years of service. 

    He decided to transfer before this season. That was for the best. He was easily one of the biggest busts of the last few years. 

Ben Axon

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    Ben Axon, another 4-star prospect who was supposed to be a big deal, never even made it to the field. 

    Axon's off-field issues kept him from his dream, and his immense talent from joining an SEC team. 

    He is now attending Western Kentucky, and just joined the football team. We wish him the best of luck, but he definitely has to be labeled as a big-time bust.

Jarvis Giles

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    To me, Jarvis Giles is the most disappointing player on this list. 

    A super-speedy back, Jarvis Giles could have been the perfect complement to Marcus Lattimore. 

    Instead, he decided to transfer to Louisville.

    After that, Giles decided to transfer to USF. However, that didn't happen due to the Big East's rule on transfers between two Big East schools (you can never play the sport for which you are transferring, you can only take classes). 

    Who knows where he is now, or what he's doing?

    Once the No. 3 all-purpose back in all of high school football, Giles is now a nomad. 

Tanner McEvoy

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    Tanner McEvoy was a fan favorite for the single year he was a Gamecock.

    He was an incredible athlete, who just couldn't wrap his head around the quarterback position.

    McEvoy was a wide receiver for most of his high school career, and only played one season as a quarterback. 

    He was buried in the depth chart.

    With freshman Brendan Nosovitch coming in and outperforming him, and 4-star quarterback Connor Mitch committed to the Gamecocks for next year, it was obvious that he wasn't going to see the field.