Broughton's Fave Five: 5 Wrestlers That Just Need to Go

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IAugust 21, 2012

Broughton's Fave Five: 5 Wrestlers That Just Need to Go

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    Hello Bleacher Report, and welcome to yet another edition of Broughton's Fav Five! Today, I'll be taking a look at five guys who need to leave WWE right now. Some of the guys are rather new, some are old and worn out, while most were never good to begin with.

    Nonetheless, each and every guy on he list doesn't belong in the WWE, at least in my opinion. It is time for Triple H to trim the fat, and these five wrestlers should be the first to go. With young up-and-comers moving up the ranking, WWE needs to clear some space for them. 

    Don't forget to comment with any questions, suggestions and/or criticism. Now, without further ado, let's begin!

#5: Big Show

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    First off, let me say that Big Show has had a fairly successful career. While his size is pretty impressive, he isn't even that bad in the ring, especially for a big man. However, there comes a time when every wrestler has to give up and throw in the towel. For Big Show, that time was a few months ago.

    Now, it would be an entirely different story if Show was being used to put over up and coming stars. However, he is doing the exact opposite. On multiple occasions, Big Show has taken out not one, not two, but three tag teams at once. That is six men on one right?

    Not to mention, it is hard to care about him, or even take him seriously. Since turning heel, I haven't considered him a true contender in any match in which he has competed. His time as a main event player has passed, and both Show and WWE need to realize. Big Show has had a fantastic career, but it is time for him to call it quits.

#4: Lord Tensai

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    When Lord Tensai first signed back with WWE, I was actually pretty excited. I wasn't a huge fan of him during his first tenure, but I had heard he made vast improvement in the ring. Things didn't turn out as many had hoped, as he struggled to get literally any reaction from the fans.

    His gimmick was pretty boring, and his in-ring skills left a lot to be desired; not to mention his slip-up on Tout. Tensai is yet to impress me in any way. Even the new angle with his "partner", Sakamoto, is boring and it seems the fans in attendance feel the same way.

    It is about time for WWE to cut their losses and let Tensai go. What seemed like a pretty solid signing has turned into a disaster and Triple H needs to realize it soon.

#3: Mason Ryan

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    When Mason Ryan first debuted as a part of the New Nexus, I was excited. He had the physique Mr. McMahon loves and he looked pretty damn intimidating. However, then he wrestled a match, if that is what you want to call it.

    He isn't just bad in the ring, he is awful. That, along with no charisma or mic skills leads me to believe he doesn't even belong on the main roster.

    Over the past few months, Mason Ryan has been completely absent from our television screens. He was rumored to join A.W. at one point, but that went down the drain, so he now finds himself with no direction.

    Hopefully Mason uses his time off the improve his skills, because if he doesn't, he will soon find himself on the unemployment line.

#2: The Great Khali

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    What is left to say about the Great Khali that hasn't already been said. He can't wrestle at all, has absolutely no charisma and speaks gibberish. So why is he still around?

    We all know the reason: He is massive. Since the beginning of time, Vince has loved his wrestlers to be big and strong. Things haven't changed much, and while Punk and Bryan beg to differ, WWE may always be a bigger man's company.

    Now, while some bigger guys help contribute to the product, Khali does absolutely nothing for the business. He can't create a good match, can't cut a promo and isn't entertaining at all (especially when he dances). The fact that Khali held gold disgusts me, especially the fact that it was the World HeavyWeight Championship.

    He has never had what it takes to succeed in WWE—outside of his size—and that will never change. WWE should have never inked him to a contract, and it is time WWE realized their mistake and fixed it. 

#1: Hornswoggle

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    Hornswoggle is literally the most annoying wrestler in all of professional wrestling. He just started to talk, thanks to a "Christmas Miracle," has no ability in the ring and is under four feet tall. What exactly does Hornswoggle bring to the table?

    It seems that whenever WWE has a storyline without an ending, they just toss Hornswoggle in there for the fun of it. First, he ended up being the bastard son of Vince McMahon, when Mr. Kennedy was the original plan. The most recent case was the discovery of the anonymous general manager. After all that time, we found out Raw was being run by a leprechaun.

    Hornswoggle is another guy who never should have been hired. Sadly, Hornswoggle's career hasn't even been that bad, as he was the last Cruiserweight Champion and had a gig as the Raw GM. His career has been a storied one to say the least, but that doesn't stop me from giving him the boot. Hopefully it won't stop WWE either.