"Anonymous" for President

Michael VenningCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2008

"Anonymous" is always there.  "Anonymous" is always right.  "Anonymous" is somehow one man that is made up of hundreds, if not thousands of minds.

So, in my mind, "Anonymous" would make a very good President.  I'm collecting funds for the next primary.  Please send cash only.

Isn't that the type of President we need? 

They are never wrong.  They always make the right decisions.  They always have something to say. 

Even if it's to our younger brothers and sisters, and it involves profanity and negative discourse and illogical arguments?  Well...maybe I was wrong about "Anonymous".

You see, I am tired of "Anonymous" writing on everyone's articles with awful comments. 

We have 16-year-old boys and girls writing from their hearts, only to be bashed by an older, angrier version of supposed lovers of the game.  Their arguments are rarely thought out well enough to actually understand; they simply use offensive language and then run away into the shadows.  Only to show up again after the aforementioned 16-year-old has posted a rebuttal to the best of their ability, and the shadow-lurker, "Anonymous", rips them again.

The spirit of Bleacher Report is to be a collaborative effort to talk about the sports we love to love and the teams we love to hate.  I hope the powers that be can somehow have a say so over these ridiculous "Anonymousers".

These young writers and, heck, every one of us for that matter, can all improve.  Let's help each other. 

Edit with honor!  Comment with tact! 

C'mon "Anonymous", get a real name, get a real profile, and let the world hear your thoughts.