WWE News: Triple H's View of the Divas, Future of Women's Wrestling in WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 16, 2012

photo from diva-dirt.com
photo from diva-dirt.com

Let's face it: WWE's Divas division is in a state of total disarray.

Layla El is Divas Champion, but she barely appears on Raw these days. The ultra-talented Beth Phoenix and Natalya have also been largely forgotten about, too (and don't even get us started on her humiliating "flatulence" angle earlier this year). 

Eve Torres, a very good wrestler and personality, looked set to be going places earlier this year when she turned heel on love interest Zack Ryder and aligned herself with Raw GM John Laurinaitis, but her push was quickly dropped when Laurinaitis was fired, with the Diva Search winner badly floundering over the past few months. 

Following on from this, former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly recently returned to the company after a sabbatical, although judging by the dire state of the division, she may be wondering what she bothered coming back for.

Precisely one Diva gets screen time these days: Raw GM AJ Lee, who is usually all over the show. And she doesn't even wrestle.

To make matters worse, the demotion of the women comes at a time when Raw has been expanded to three hours. Yes, WWE has more air time than they know what to do with, and they still refuse to make any time for the girls.

So, frustrated fans of women's wrestling may ask: Are things likely to get any better?

Well, in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gives an update on where women's wrestling in WWE may be headed. And the answer is...well, nowhere good.

Sure, with John Laurinaitis being out of power the company will no longer be rushing out to sign inexperienced models/actresses, but no one should be mistaken for thinking this means a greater emphasis will be placed on female wrestlers and athletic competition.

As Meltzer notes: 

It should be noted that HHH has never been that high on women wrestling. When it comes to the recent camps and recruits of top athletes, they are men and not women being recruited although they are still adding women to the developmental roster but since Laurinaitis has been out of power the days of looking at bikini catalogues and signing the models, or recruiting from modeling agencies, seem to be over. Some who have worked with him and talked the subject with him believe when he gets more power you’ll see more of an emphasis on tag teams and women will be even more on the back burner.

While this news may come as a crushing disappointment for some, this is not actually the first time it has been claimed Triple H is not a fan of the Divas Division, or women's wrestling in general.

In an interview earlier this year with WrestlingInc.com, former WWE writer Alex Greenfield revealed that the COO was critical of the role women's wrestling could have in the company, feeling it took time away from the men.