Colin McCarthy of the Tennessee Titans Is My AFC South Crush of the Week

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Colin McCarthy of the Tennessee Titans Is My AFC South Crush of the Week
Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE
McCarthy was all over the place last week.

I don't want to marry Colin McCarthy.

Without getting into my stance on Chick-fil-A, let's establish that fact right now.

McCarthy is my Crush of the Week, but let's not read any more into it than that.

McCarthy had an up-and-down game against Seattle on August 12, but there was enough there that I liked to make me feel a little warm and fuzzy toward the Titans middle linebacker.

Early in the game, McCarthy was caught out of position as the Seahawks ripped off a couple of nice runs. In general, Seattle was cutting right through the Titans defense, and I wondered if Tennessee would ever force an incomplete pass.

In stepped McCarthy.

Matt Flynn attempted a play-action fake, but McCarthy read the play correctly and quickly dropped back into the zone and snagged Flynn's pass over the middle. Just like that, the hypnotic spell Flynn had weaved over the Titans was broken, and Tennessee was back in the game.

Just look at this guy's hustle and tell me you don't love it.

McCarthy went on to play much better, ringing up four tackles and an assist in limited action.

McCarthy isn't a perfect player, but the former fourth-round pick is making the most of his abilities. Tennessee got great production out of him last year, considering his draft slot, and he's looking to keep a grip on a starting job in 2012.

He's tough and undersized, and he reminds me a little bit of Gary Brackett, formerly of the Colts. He's an inch or two taller but has a similar frame.

With a nose for the ball and an ability to knife in and make plays at and behind the line of scrimmage, McCarthy is in the process of becoming a nice player in the league, with the ability to cover in the passing game as well as to make authoritative tackles.

It's too early to declare a ceiling for McCarthy, and like I said, I'm not wedded to him. He definitely caught my attention this week, and I'm comfortable admitting I have a little crush on him.

So hugs and kisses, Colin. You are my AFC South Crush of the Week.

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