Millen & Ford plan to give Detriot the middle finger this year.

BigRegAnalyst IMarch 14, 2008

        How did we come to this?  How did the Lions go from a respected (giggle, giggle) franchise to a the laughing stock of the NFL?  The answer to your question lies in two men.  William Clay Ford (WCF) and Matt Millien (MM).  And now they are going to get the final laugh on the city of Detroit.  

     This past year they had a 7-9 season, that is respectable (hehehe) until you break it down.  They started 6-2 and then went on a 7 game losing streak before winning the last one.  That is pathetic, that shows the team quitting and the management failing. 

    Yesterday, they released their prized DE (Edwards) and their best running back (Jones) leaving them periously thin at both those positions.  Remember that they traded Shaun Rogers and lost TJ Duckett. 

    If you think that the draft is going to be the answer, please look at Millians track record.  They have four of their first round picks that are no longer on the team (Harrington, Mike Williams, Charles Rogers, and Kevin Jones). PLUS they have holes in every aspect of the game. 

   Let's quickly look at their needs for this coming draft.  CB, LB, DE, DL, RB, OL, Safety.  That is 7 positions.  Even if they hit on all their draft picks they still will have holes all over the field.  (Everyone knows that Millen is going to draft a WR because "THEY COULD NOT LET A TALENT LIKE THAT SLIP".  We have heard that 4 of the past 5 years!

    For these reasons and so many more (31-81 record under Millen) Millen should have been fired years ago.  But he wasn't?  Why you may ask?  I think I have it figured out.  Millen and Ford want to see how much Detroit will take.  They raised ticket prices this year (Roughly 20% across the board) and will now bring you a team your local high school team could beat.  They plan on going 0-16 this year and having Millen keep his job.  All this just to give Detroit a big middle finger!!!