Help On The Way For The Capitals With Trade Deadline Approaching?

Nick AverillContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

The March 4 NHL trade deadline is approaching and there are many teams looking for that final piece of the puzzle. There are some big names on the market with Chris Pronger, Jay Bouwmeester, and Alexi Kovalev. There are many options out there for teams make their final push for the playoffs.

The Capitals are a team that can certainly stay quite and still have a good team. However, one more move for some blue line help, or to stabilize their goal tending situation would help cement their place as one of the elite teams in the league.

Chris Pronger is a very interesting name that has been rumored to go to the Capitals. I think Pronger would look very good next to Green on the starting blue line. 

He would give us another big, tough body, and he also has a very good defensive skill set.  He would certainly help the Capitals  immediately. If they landed him, I think they maybe the favorites to win the East.  To complete this trade, the Capitals would likely have to send Jeff Schultz, a prospect, and a draft pick.

Another player that the Capitals could possibly go after is Jay Bouwmeester. This trade might be a little harder to accomplish, though, because it is within the division and the Panthers probably would not want to trade him to the rival Capitals. 

He would certainly add another offensive threat, but his defensive work is also very underrated.  He and Mike Green may not be on the same line because of their skill sets, but he would certainly help out the Capitals tremendously. 

This would take a little more than the Pronger trade to complete and would consist of  a couple current Capitals, a prospect, and a pick.

The Capitals could also use some stability in the crease. Jose Theodore is playing very well as of late, but has been known for being inconsistent. 

A name swirling  round early in the year for the Capitals was Nikolai Khabibulin. He has seemed to regain his old form this year and is one of the top goalies in the NHL.  This trade rumor has seemed to die down, but it could pick back up as the deadline nears. 

The Blackhawks are looking to add another center and would like to dump one the salaries they have in the goal-tending position.  A trade for Khabibulin would probably have to include Michael Nylander, a prospect, and a pick.

The one thing the Capitals have to worry about is another team in the East improving their roster to make a run much like the Capitals did last year at the deadline. 

The Flyers, Devils, and Penguins come to mind when you think of teams that could possibly make a move at the deadline.  The Flyers and Devils, much like the Capitals, are looking for blue line help in the quest for the Cup. 

The Devils have a few goaltenders to help make a trade deadline move.  The Penguins  will be looking to add a winger to help out Sidney Crosby and make him even more productive than he already is.

George McPhee has said he is content with the team and won't make any moves, but that is also the same thing that he said last year. 


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