Allegations in Hope Solo's Autobiography About Former Coach Must Draw Attention

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Allegations in Hope Solo's Autobiography About Former Coach Must Draw Attention
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Hope Solo's new book is already causing controversy. 

Within the pages of "SOLO, A Memoir of Hope," there is an allegation from the star goalkeeper that her former coach (and current Michigan Wolverines women's soccer coach), Greg Ryan, shoved her during a meeting at the 2007 World Cup. 

Ryan says that just isn't the truth. 

ESPN (h/t SportsGrid) has a statement from Ryan, who claims the star goalkeeper—who became somewhat of an American sweetheart since her tumultuous time in 2007—is lying. 

This allegation is completely false. I did not shove or push Hope as I've been accused in her book. I would have been terminated immediately by USA Soccer had this allegation been true. I have openly discussed the contents of the meeting and this is the first time that this accusation has been brought to light.

Hope was disappointed that I benched her for the semifinals, but it was the right move for the team. It was discussed with team leaders, and they stood by my decision.

Photo Credit: SportsGrid

Am I the only one who believes this obviously needs to be investigated further?

There is one of two things at work here. Either Hope Solo was shoved by her former coach—a reprehensible act—or she is making it all up to sell a book, which is equally atrocious. 

Ryan is right in thinking he would have been axed immediately if this came out sooner. But the claims are still damaging to his image. 

This may very well be a he said, she said scenario with no conclusion, but someone here is in the obvious wrong. 

I don't wish harm on anyone, man or woman, but I certainly hope she is telling the truth; because the counter would mean a made-up story was placed in the book with no regard to the fallout. 

That would be enough to destroy the image she worked so hard to turn around following the 2007 World Cup that saw her sent from the team after remarks she made about her coach. 

For Ryan, if he did indeed shove his player, he may need to just stay quiet and walk away. Because there are no excuses for that. 

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