WWE Opinion: How The Miz and the Show-off Are 2 of a Kind

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIAugust 17, 2012

WWE Opinion: How The Miz and the Show-off Are 2 of a Kind

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    The future has never looked brighter.

    This, for both The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, as well as the WWE in general. The simple reason for that is, the young and talented are evolving more and more into their own fantastic characters, and they are ready to ascend the very top of the mountain.

    Ziggler is a Money In the Bank holder and The Miz is the reigning Intercontinental Champion. 

    Both are in high-profile matches at SummerSlam, which means both could walk out of Los Angeles with even more momentum than before.

    Although they are two very different characters, there are great similarities between them. They truly are two of a kind.

    Illustrating this fact in words will occur...when you flip the page. 

Their Kind Is...

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    What I'd like to call "Shawn and Bret" size.

    Not 6'6", 300 lbs, like the "Hulksters" and Warriors of ages past, but a more athletic, fast and strategic style.

    There are quite a few of those in WWE right now and as funny as that sounds, they are in some good matches this coming Sunday.

    Look at Cody Rhodes and Antonio Cesaro (pronounced TCHE-ZA-RO!!...Sigh...Americans); they fit the mold perfectly.

    The Miz and Dolph Ziggler could one day become the adversary-like Superstars a la Bret and Shawn.

    No one is comparing actual wrestling talent or things of the sort here because, frankly, HBK and the Hitman will never be duplicated.

Both Play Very Good Villains

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    Who is the most villainous between them?

    Answer is: ???

    Who is the most opportunistic between them?

    Answer is: ???

    The truth is, they walk a path very similar to one another, as both are and have been accomplished Intercontinental and United States Champions, and both are MITB winners as well as former World Champions.

    Totally different routes, yet they will meet somewhere up there at the top come the next year or so.

    Their characters are in full bloom right now. Red Hot! And it feels like only the beginning of something awesome, something worth showing off for.

Their Bark Is as Powerful as Their Bite

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    The "little" dogs pack a mean bite, and they've gnawed their way up the ladder over the course of four years.

    They have held their own and met great success as well as horrible failures, yet they've survived in this Triple H/John Cena world.

    Not a surprise—that's what true champions, true Superstars do. In one instant, you can go from the bottom to the very top, but only if you proved your tenacity and determination.

    The Miz and Dolph Ziggler are what this company will build their future on, and that is a very good thought. Between them, Rhodes, Cesaro, Punk and Bryan, the sky is the limit.

    A real fan should anticipate the next great program one of these guys will have with the well-established mega-stars or icons. You will find out the young guns are full of surprises.

    They will win clean!

Miz and Ziggler Could Become Great Babyface Characters

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    That's right.

    Through all their dirty work and "evil" deeds, Awesome and Show-Off have gathered an incredible amount of followers and receive major pops when their music hits.

    (A side note...Awesome and Show-Off? Great idea for a tag team between them someday. Kind of like Rated-RKO. Maybe, just maybe...)

    People used to love to hate The Miz, but now they just can't get enough of this guy. Since his return, he not only changed his style but also his attitude, and he captured gold yet again. He is definitely a "tweener," or at least, on the verge of becoming one, so there is no telling what he will be like come WrestleMania XXIX.

    Dolph Ziggler has come into his own and demonstrated he does possess great speaking skills. Vickie Guerrero is an added bonus, but it cannot be fathomed to have her turn "face," so she will have to part ways someday so the blond Superstar can become a true mega-star in his own right.

    Both could easily go back and forth with the "attitude adjustments" throughout their careers. That's what is so interesting about them.

    It is reminiscent of Chris Jericho, the master—period!

    Who is battling Y2J again?


It Feels Like New Again

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    Though they have been around for a while and have captured fame and fortune before, it feels like a new beginning for both Miz and Ziggler.

    Stop, breathe and reboot are key words here. That's what happened with these two-of-a-kind Supertars. The company fixed what needed to be fixed and now everyone truly believes in them.

    Come WrestleMania time, they will have further gone down this successful path and notched some important victories on the way. Both will win their matches that night as well. Watch and you'll see.

    First comes the "being put over" by Mysterio and Jericho, then the Royal Rumble performance and, finally, the big one...the Show of Shows, WrestleMania.

    There is no longer any sure guess as to where and how high these two fine performers can go.

    Two of a kind? Oh, I believe!