WWE News: Were Kevin Nash's Comments on CM Punk & Daniel Bryan a Work or Shoot?

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 15, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Kevin Nash has always been one of the most controversial men in the wrestling business. And that continues to be true, despite the fact that he hasn't had a role with the WWE in several months. Nash recently made some disparaging remarks regarding CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, but he now claims that they were a work.

In an interview with Thomas Golianopoulos of Grantland.com, Nash talked about his career in wrestling and the current state of the WWE. He said that the business died when Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit were world champions at the end of WrestleMania XX, and he had similar criticisms of Punk and Bryan.

Nash once called Guerrero and Benoit "vanilla midgets" and maintained that Punk and Bryan are similar in that they aren't "bigger than life."

Despite what he said in that interview, though, NoDQ.com is reporting that Nash told Steven Muehlhausen of The Fight Club Chicago that he didn't really mean what he said about Punk and Bryan.

"Because they are on TV and if I would want to have an angle with somebody, I think I would want to work with the top guys," Nash said

Perhaps Nash is telling the truth, but he definitely seems to use kayfabe as a defense mechanism a bit too often.

I highly doubt that Nash is on the WWE's radar, especially when it comes to feuding with Punk or Bryan. So Nash is either delusional, or he actually believes that neither Punk nor Bryan are championship material.

I'm actually a fan of Nash's and always have been. He was most definitely limited in the ring, but I enjoyed his character and presence.

His biggest issue, though, is that he thinks that only cookie-cutter big men can succeed in the business. One of the things that makes wrestling great is that every superstar is different and equally capable of making it big.

The wrestling business is constantly changing, and smaller guys who can work are now en vogue. In fact, there used to be tons of wrestlers that were out of shape prior to the 1980s. Then, fitness and muscle mass became a big deal. But now, the majority of fans are more worried about a good overall product than what the wrestlers' body types are.

I was happy when Nash returned last year and was excited to see what he might do. But he was a shell of his former self on the mic and didn't really live up to my expectations. The way he went out against Triple H was certainly a good enough ending to his career, but he seems hell bent on hanging around and squeezing every last drop out of the WWE that he can.

The WWE doesn't care about Nash's "work" statements in side interviews, and it certainly won't bring him back for some huge angle because of them. Nash is kidding himself if he thinks the WWE is going to make his fantasy of a new nWo a reality.

He is also kidding himself if he believes that Punk and Bryan can't be successful.

In the end, I feel like this was just a case of Nash trying to remain in the spotlight. Once he understood how upset people were with his comments, he tried to backtrack, but the damage was already done. Nash already had his time in the sun, and I wish he would stop trying to tear down those who are currently having theirs.


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