New York Giants: Underrated Secondary and Potential Moves for the Offseason

Lewis OliverCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

So I've been reading through a lot of articles on here about what the Giants should do in the offseason. The biggest thing of course was at the wide receiver position which I couldn't agree more with. The linebackers have also been mention, which I can agree with but isn't as big.

Then I started seeing that the Giants defensive backs aren't good.

Now first off I am not saying the Giants defensive backs are all stars by any means but they aren't horrible either.

Defensive Backs 

Yes Aaron Ross was beat multiple times this year but I think that is from lack of experience. He is a solid tackler though compiling 52 tackles and 46 solo tackles. He did only have three picks but that will improve. He's very fast and will improve with time.

Terrell Thomas was a rookie from the second round of the 2008 draft. He only started two games all season and only played in 12. He compiled 45 tackles and 39 were solo tackles. He also had a forced fumble and an interception.

That's pretty good for a nickel corner. He also had four passes deflected.

Then they have Corey Webster who forced two fumbles and had three picks. He got another 50 tackles and 48 of them were solo. He defended 24 passes with that. Those are all good stats for corner backs. Not great but all these guys are still in their first five years in the NFL

The Giants have Kenny Phillips at safety. He had 67 Tackles and 55 of those were solo. He had just one interception but was still a rookie. I truly think he will be much better this year.

So I think the giants should get Chris McAlister to teach these young guys the ropes. We don't need more young talent. We need a teacher for these young guys. Someone who can show them how to not get beat and play like a true NFL star. Chris would bring them that. I truly hope we pick up him.


Antonio Pierce is great at MLB and will stay great. He has slowed down I think but will still be very talented for at least a few more years. I like him at MLB and wouldn't change that.

Danny Clark isn't bad but I think they could get better. That being said Mathias will be able to go back to go back to LB with the return of Osi and Tolifson really showing that he can play good as a DE.

Chase Blackburn is a very good and underrated LB. I think he could play for them when they need him. He's a great backup and is a decent starter. They also have the young Bryan Kehl who looked good when he got his chances and Zak DeOssie isn't great but could most likely hold his own if needed. He hasn't gotten much of a shot yet.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Giants go to the draft for a LB. They could use some youth in the position. That being said I think that they need to address the next problem first.

Wide Receiver

Toomer is a good receiver but doesn't have the speed to burn the defenders anymore. His hands are by far the best on the team though. Steve Smith has good hands and great speed but can't catch on a down field run for some reason. Fix that and he is a great receiver.

Then the Giants have Domenik Hixon. I'm not sure if he can be covered. Every game he was in he beat the corner and safety down field, he just dropped the ball. If he works on that aspect then he would become a star.

If he didn't drop a few of those passes in the Eagles playoff game then the Giants could have won.

I could see the Giants going for a WR in the draft if they cant get one in the FA. All we need is a big name receiver and we are back in the Super Bowl running. Now I'm not saying they will win it, but they will at least be able to get in to the end zone in the playoffs.