Alberto Del Rio: 5 Suggestions to Improve the Mexican Superstar's Stale Gimmick

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IOctober 27, 2012

Alberto Del Rio: 5 Suggestions to Improve the Mexican Superstar's Stale Gimmick

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    Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Alberto Del Rio is one of the most athletic men on the WWE's roster.

    Del Rio's list of accolades include championships with Mexico's top lucha libre promotions, a wrestling pedigree that includes his uncle Mil Mascaras and his father, Dos Caras, and a highly successful career as a shoot fighter.

    In addition to this, Del Rio has the size to be a dominant star. Billed at 6'5", Del Rio soars over many of the WWE's current stars.

    In theory, the summation of his skills, his wrestling legacy and his look should amount to him being one of the most must-see stars in the WWE, and yet he isn't.

    One could blame Del Rio for his lifeless promos or his lack of charisma, but the truth is that much of the stagnancy of his character comes from decision made behind the scenes. Luckily there are ways to change him.


Have His Real-Life Brother Join Him

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    Many may not know this, but Del Rio's real-life brother is also a member of the NXT roster

    Imagine if his brother was brought up from the roster not to wrestle, but to annoy him. 

    Younger brothers are always pests, Memo (Alberto's brother) could be a face character that serves as a foil to the heelish Alberto.

    Memo could be a spoiled rich kid who squanders his family fortune by partying and hanging out with superstars like Zach Ryder and Santino, angering Alberto in the process (and hopefully revitalizing his career).

Tag Team with Ricardo Rodriguez

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    The fans want to see Ricardo wrestle, Ricardo wants to wrestle, so why isn't Ricardo wrestling?

    With the tag team division turning into one of the hottest properties on WWE television, maybe it is time for Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo to finally pair up as a team and wrestle together.

    If the current interactions between Kane and Daniel Bryan have proven anything is that people love dysfunctional tag teams. What a better addition to the WWE's product than a tag team formed by a narcissistic jerk and his charismatic best friend/manservant?

    Imagine a set of skits surrounding Alberto Del Rio trying to train Ricardo to become a wrestler, or Ricardo at one of Del Rio's parties trying to fit in but at the same time acting as Del Rio's butler.

    The tensions between these two men need to be exploited, and the best way to do this is to have these two men form a tag team.

Give Del Rio a New Finishing Manuever

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    I love the cross-arm breaker it is a beautiful wrestling maneuver that combines shoot techniques with the entertainment aspects of wrestling. Unfortunately, the move is also a highly predictable one that reduces Del Rio's matches mostly to working on the arms of his opponents.

    Is this Del Rio's fault? Is this the only move he knows? Of course not.

    The WWE loves limiting wrestlers move sets, but in a world were literally thousands of holds and moves exist why is Del Rio stuck with using only one move?

    During his time in Mexico, Del Rio boasted a series of awesome finishers; maybe it is time for him to add some of those moves to his repertoire.

Gimmick Change

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    The rich man gimmick has been played before by better people; nonetheless, it is an interesting gimmick, but one that given enough time turns stale.

    When the most exciting thing about you is that you are an annoying rich person, things will quickly turn sour.

    Does Del Rio need a radical gimmick change? Not really.

    Turn him into an aggressive heel that happens to be rich. Or maybe play off his heelish tendencies and allow him to do some in-ring cheating a la Eddie Guerrero—we've seen him do it before. 

    The changes do not need to be radical, but they do need to happen.

Have Him Lose His Wealth

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    It is hard for a superstar with a "rich man's" gimmick to do much with his gimmick after a while.

    Other superstars have the option of turning face, but for rich men in the WWE this usually ends up in less than stellar results—ask Ted DiBiase Jr. 

    The solution? Have Del Rio lose his wealth. 

    Times are tough, people everywhere are losing money, who's to say the Mexican aristocrat is exempt? 

    Imagine if Del Rio lost his fortune and ended up having to become Ricardo's employee. His fancy cars replaced with a beat-up Volkswagen Beetle. 

    The change could be what Del Rio needs to revitalize his career and even if the experiment doesn't work, Del Rio could always gain his wealth again. 

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