Dan Hardy VS. Marcus Davis?

Ryan WalesSenior Analyst IFebruary 25, 2009

Dana White has found himself in a pickle. Dan Hardy, the guy who White picked as the new overseas star, just put White in a corner (Insert Dirty Dancing joke here).

After a pretty decisive victory over Rory Markham, Hardy decided it would be a great time to start calling people out. Who does he chose of all the people at 170?

Marcus Davis. I'm pretty surprised White didn't keel over and pass out on the spot.

You know for a fact White is really pissed. The guy you want to be your new "star" just called out one of the toughest guys in the division, and Davis is a huge draw in Europe.

On the other hand, this fight has "slobberknocker" written all over it.

I hope it's OK with the wrestling guys that I just used the word "Slobberknocker." I think its copyrighted by the WWE.

If Hardy gets his wish and there is indeed a fight with Davis, it has all the qualities for fight of the night.

Davis is angry and really wants an opportunity to see what Hardy has to offer the UFC. I promise the only way this finishes fast is if someone is unconscious.

The danger for White and the UFC is the fact that  if the fight happens they run the risk of hurting the plans of the future, Dan Hardy.

If Hardy gets destroyed by a guy, who he called out, it wouldn't be good.

But it also has the potential to an instant classic, and that's the beauty of MMA. You don't know how a fight will go, til it happens.

So now \White has to ask himself if the juice is worth the squeeze.

If you ask me, I say let them fight at UFC 99 in Germany.

Hardy wants it, Davis Wants it, the fans want it, make it happen!