Boise State Football: The All-Time Dream Team

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IIAugust 15, 2012

Boise State Football: The All-Time Dream Team

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    Boise State football has quite a winning tradition. Since 1933 when the Broncos took the field as a brand new junior college team, they have made their mark on the game. With a gaudy overall record of 576-207-10, Boise State is no stranger when it comes to winning games.

    Over the last decade that winning tradition has continued, and the Broncos' rise to prominence among the FBS has been nothing less than legendary.

    Along the way, as the program has grown, some incredibly talented players have taken the field for Boise State. Some of them are now in the NFL and some went on to become coaches. Still, there are several others whose names have faded into time, but their contributions will never be forgotten.

    Who among the massive list of past Boise State players would be considered the best of the best?

    Let's look at the all-time Boise State Broncos dream team.

Offensive Line

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    The offensive line for Boise State has become a solid foundation for much of the success the team has had. When you look back on the history of the Broncos, it is hard to argue that the best offensive linemen to ever play for BSU did so in the last decade.


    Guard: Andrew Woodruff 2005-2008

    Andrew Woodruff was a tough, hard-nosed blocker who didn't back down. He started only three games as a redshirt freshman, but he would go on to start nearly every game after that.

    He was a reliable force and was named to the Blue Ribbon College Yearbook preseason All-WAC team before his senior campaign.

    Woodruff was drafted into the CFL as the 12th pick overall. He is currently a member of the Montreal Alouettes.


    Guard: Rob Vian 2000-2003

    Vian was a guard who was part of a very potent Boise State offense. Blocking for Ryan Dinwiddie and Brock Forsey, he was a key member on a very powerful offensive line.

    He was an All-WAC player with much heart and determination.


    Center: Scott Huff 1999-2002

    Scott Huff is currently the tight ends, fullbacks and special teams coordinator for Boise State. He was also an excellent player for the Broncos.

    Huff started 40 games at center for the Broncos in his career, according to He was a first-team All-WAC selection as a senior and was even named to the 35th Anniversary Team in 2005.


    Tackle: Ryan Clady 2005-2007

    Ryan Clady left Boise State before his senior year, but that was only to become a first-round draft choice of the Denver Broncos. The 12th overall pick of the 2008 draft, Clady has become a force for Denver. He is a two-time Pro Bowl selection and a two-time All-Pro.

    He has certainly proved that his time at Boise State was not a fluke. He was a dominant player and was instrumental in protecting Zabransky and clearing the way for Ian Johnson.


    Tackle: Daryn Colledge 2002-2005

    Daryn Colldge was a four-year starter for Boise State. He was named an All-American as a junior and a three-time All-WAC selection.

    Colledge was selected in the second round of the 2006 NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers, where he became a starter and was part of a Super Bowl championship team.

    In 2011 Colledge moved to Arizona to play for the Cardinals. He also made headlines in early 2012 when he donated a very generous $150,000 to Boise State for their new weight rooms (h/t

    There are certainly many more players who could be considered for this list. You might have your idea of who belongs. It is very difficult to narrow down such a talented group of individuals for such a small list.

The Defensive Line

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    The Boise State defensive line has become a very powerful force in recent years. However, there have been a considerable number of very talented players on the orange and blue over the decades. While the offense gets many of the headlines, the defense for the Broncos has always had a smash-mouth tradition.


    Defensive End: Shea McClellin 2008-2011

    It is hard to leave an NFL first-round draft pick off this list. McClellin is a prime example of the type of player coach Petersen loves to recruit. He was a small-town kid with good values, a strong work ethic and tons of potential.

    Every year McClellin played for the Broncos he got better and better, which is the way it should be. However, McClellin exceeded many expectations.


    Defensive End: Markus Koch 1992-1995

    Koch was an incredible player. He was named All-Big Sky two times and an All-American. He was an incredible player for Boise State, and fans who remember him know he was a powerful force.

    Markus was drafted No. 30 overall by the Washington Redskins and played a total of six seasons as a pro.


    Defensive Tackle: Randy Trautman 1978-1981

    Randy Trautman has to be on this list. If for no other reason he is currently the only Boise State football player to be named to the College Football Hall of Fame.

    Trautman's reputation as a tough, relentless tackler made him a two-time All-American selection and he was part of the I-AA National Championship team in 1980.


    Defensive Tackle: Kimo Von Oelhoffen 1992-1993

    Von Oelhoffen took the scenic route to get to Boise State. He was a junior college transfer and spent just two years on the BSU roster. However, to say he made the best of it would be an understatement.

    He was an All-Big Sky selection and went on to play in the NFL. Von Oelhoffen was drafted in the sixth round by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1994, but it was his time with Pittsburgh that most people know him for.

    He spent a total of 14 years as a pro player and in that time he played with four NFL teams.

Tight End and Wide Receivers

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    Over the years the potent pass attack of Boise State has helped to produce some incredible offensive numbers. In the history of the Broncos there have been some very talented and explosive players catching the ball. This list is almost impossible to narrow down, but here we go.


    Tight End: Derek Schouman 2003-2006

    At tight end there are at lest four or five players who could fit into this spot. However, after much analysis, Derek Schouman grabs the honor. Jeb Putzier (2001) had better overall numbers, but Schouman was the full package and made some of the most clutch catches in BSU history.

    The most famous catch would probably have to be the overtime grab against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The other reason Schouman lands in this spot is because of how his named translated to the "Shoooo" cheer at every Boise State home game.


    Wide Receiver: Titus Young 2007-2010

    Titus Young had a roller-coaster career at times for the Broncos. He wasn't unfamiliar with coach Petersen's dog house, but he did rebound nicely.

    Young was a two-time All-Wac selection and had an incredible career for the Broncos. Titus went on to be selected in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft by the Detroit Lions.


    Wide Receiver: Don Hutt 1970-1973

    There is no way you can leave Don Hutt off of this list. Hutt was an explosive player and had a career total of 189 catches, which is third in team history.

    Hutt was a local product who graduated from Borah High School in 1969. He went on to become an All-Big Sky selection for the Broncos three times and a Division II All-American in 1973.

    Hutt was then selected in the eighth round of the 1974 draft by the Los Angeles Rams.


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    The Broncos are a blue-collar, tough-nosed, gutsy program that requires its linebackers to be a little bit crazy. Over the years some stellar backers have cleated it up for the boys in blue, but two of them stand out. 


    Linebacker: Korey Hall 2003-2006

    Hall is another Idaho product on the list. Hall is from the thriving metropolis of Glenns Ferry, Idaho and quickly made his name on "The Blue."

    Hall was named All-WAC three times as a linebacker and awarded the WAC special teams player of the year twice. Korey was then drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2007 and played as a fullback. Hall was part of the Super Bowl XLV Championship team.


    Linebacker: Dave Wilcox 1961-1962

    Wilcox played for Boise when he was still a junior college. However, as the only member of the NFL Hall of Fame that ever played for the Broncos, you can't keep him off of this list.

    Wilcox was a dominant player who then transferred to Oregon and became a Duck. Some think for that reason alone he should be left off this list. However, if the Broncos had been a four-year school at the time, you can believe Wilcox would have finished his career in the orange and blue.

Offensive Backfield

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    Boise State has had some very good running backs over the years. Players like Brock Forsey, Doug Martin, Terry Zahner, Chris Thomas as well as several others have made their mark on the program. However, there are only a few who can make this list.


    Running Back: Ian Johnson 2005-2008

    Who will ever forget the Statue of Liberty, throwing the ball into the stands and then bending the knee to ask the cheerleader to marry him? Boise State fans will never forget that night. However, Ian Johnson makes this list for several other reasons.

    He was an incredible performer for the Broncos and is a big reason Boise State had serious success, including a Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma. But, some fans forget Johnson once played a game with a collapsed lung. It happened against San Jose State in 2006—and he still helped his team pull out a victory.

    Johnson collected several awards and accolades in his long and very productive career as a Bronco.


    Running Back: Cedric Minter 1977-1980

    Cedric Minter had an incredible career as a Bronco. He finished it as the all-time leading rusher in school history and was named an All-American three times.

    Minter was named to the Boise State 35th Anniversary Team and fans still talk about some of his incredible performances.


    Fullback: David Hughes 1977-1980

    Hughes was the real deal for the Broncos. He blocked, he caught and he ran the ball. He was part of the incredible I-AA National Championship team and was a key member of that amazing group.

    David Hughes was then selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the second round and the 31st pick overall in the 1981 NFL Draft. He played from 1981-1985 in Seattle and then finished his career in 1986 with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Defensive Secondary

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    This is another huge list of possible players that has to be narrowed down to just five. Not an easy job, and feel free to second-guess.


    Saftey: George Iloka 2008-2011

    Boise State will miss George Iloka. He was an incredible presence for the Broncos. In his career he had 231 tackles and seven interceptions. He knew how to take angles to the ball and he could always be counted on to lay a solid hit on a ball carrier.

    Iloka was selected in the fifeth round of the NFL Draft in 2012 by the Cincinnati Bengals. It will be interesting to see how he does in the professional ranks.


    Safety: Steve Forrey 1967-1970

    Steve Forrey makes this list for 24 reasons. That is the same number of interceptions he had as a career total while at Boise State. That is a Boise State record, and so are the 12 interceptions he had in a single season.

    Forrey was a dominant safety, but he started his career as a corner for the Broncos.


    Cornerback: Kyle Wilson 2006-2009

    Kyle Wilson had an outstanding career at Boise State. He came all the way from New Jersey to be a Bronco, and fans, players and coaches are happy he made the trip.

    Wilson was an All-WAC selection several times, including as a punt returner. His career totals as a cornerback were impressive. He had 111 tackles and eight interceptions.

    Wilson was then drafted into the NFL by the New York Jets in the 2010 draft as a first-round selection.


    Cornerback: Frank Robinson 1988-1991

    The only man to come close to breaking the all-time interception record at Boise State is Frank Robinson. His career total was 22, just two behind Forrey.

    Robinson was an All-Big Sky selection on two occasions and was named an All-American in 1991.


    Nickel: Winston Venable 2009-2010

    Winston Venable is one of the most exciting players to ever lace up for the Broncos. He was known for his flying tackles and serious collisions. It seems he was everywhere on the field at once, and opposing offenses didn't like to face him.

    Venable was an All-WAC selection but had only two years as a Bronco because he was a junior college transfer.

Kicker, Punter and Punt Return Specialist

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    Some Broncos fans may wonder if it is possible to just leave a kicker off of this list. Well, that isn't possible, and there are three listed.


    Field-Goal Kicker(s): Kyle Brotzman and Tyler Jones 2007-2010 and 2001-2004

    Kyle Brotzman is the all-time field-goal kicker in the NCAA when it comes to scoring points. However, Broncos fans remember him for the six he missed. Two missed field goals in Reno doomed the Broncos' BCS dreams in 2010, and while coach Petersen spreads the blame around, many fans do not.

    So, on that note we have two kickers listed. Kyle Brotzman for regular kicks and Tyler Jones for game-winners.

    Tyler Jones was a great field-goal kicker for Boise State. Jones was a second-team All-American and had an incredible 24 made field goals in 2004. He was also known for his consistency and at one point hit over 70 extra points in a row.


    Punter: Kyle Stringer 2004-2006

    Stinger was a powerful weapon as a punter. Field position is a key to the game, and Kyle was a master at making his kicks count.

    Kyle was a second-team All-WAC selection in 2006 and finished that season with a 45.2-yard average.


    Punt Return Specialist: Chris Carr 2001-2004

    Carr is a great name for a return guy. He was exciting to watch. His moves and speed made opposing teams nervous when it came to punt coverage.

    Chris Carr was a four-year letterman for the Broncos and made his time in Boise count. He finished his career as the active leader in average yards per return at 19.8.

    Chris Carr is now in the NFL and has had a very productive and excellent career thus far.


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    Really? Do we need to have this talk? There is only one quarterback who can be named to the All-Time Dream Team for Boise State, and that quarterback is Ryan Dinwiddie. Just kidding!

    No disrespect to Mr. Dinwiddie, he was a fine quarterback, but Kellen Moore stands above the rest even if he is just six feet tall.


    Quarterback: Kellen Moore 2008-2011

    To list all the awards Moore gained as the Boise State quarterback would seem absolutely overkill and gaudy. Still, he was the first finalist for the Heisman Trophy in school history and is the greatest QB to ever play for the Broncos.

    There is little doubt that Kellen Moore will be remembered for decades. The only problem is that any quarterback who comes after him will have a giant shadow to play under.

The Boise State All-Time Dream Team Head Coach

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    There have been many great head coaches for the Broncos over the years. Men like Lyle Smith and Dan Hawkins, just to name a couple. However, with no disrespect intended for those two men, head coach Chris Petersen is the obvious choice for this spot.

    His overall record of 73-6 is more than impressive, and fans are very glad he has stayed put on "The Blue."


    Head Coach: Chris Petersen 2006-Current


    Feel free to share your own opinion as to who belongs on this All-Time Dream Team list for Boise State.