Liverpool FC: What Joe Allen's Signing Means for the Reds

Mary O'ConnorCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2012

The tide is changing for Liverpool, and Brendan Rodgers is the driving force. Rodgers has proved he is relentless in his quest to overhaul the entire playing philosophy of The Reds.

Rodgers proved this by cutting Carroll, the £35 million man from his side, refusing to risk another year of dry performances and creating a divide between the fans. Now, Rodgers has purchased Joe Allen, a 22-year old who is relatively unknown. Rodgers paid £15 million for Allen, significant coin for a rookie who is not a big name.

But what we have learned so far is that Rodgers has a method to his madness. The question that follows from this is what does signing Joe Allen mean for The Reds?

Rodgers is most likely aware that there is skepticism surrounding his decision. Fans love to hear a big name, but Rodgers is reconstructing a team and implementing a new model of play, while introducing players who are adaptable.

Joe Allen is the perfect suitor for Rodger's passing game, which is comparable to the way Barcelona play. Although Allen is new to The Reds, he is an old friend of Rodgers. Rodgers managed the youngster while at Swansea, and he liked what he saw.

Allen understands Rodger’s system, and he could arguably be a catalyst in Liverpool’s transition.

At the moment, it looks like Allen may become a defensive midfielder, while Steven Gerrard and Charlie Adams will play more on the offensive.

Rodger's plan will be to break down teams methodically, building up play slowly through passing rather than using long balls. Allen is an intelligible player, and Rodgers is thrilled with his signing, believing he has gotten real value for money.


The Telegraph reported Rodgers to have said, “This boy, when you see him play, you'd think he was a Spanish player, a real European player. I would have paid many more millions for this kid,”

Allen is also a lover of the ball, which is precisely what Rodgers wants. He has proved he is not interested in players who cannot adapt to his style.

Carroll’s send-off is evidence that Rodgers is serious about revolutionizing Liverpool from Kenny Dalglish's much criticized style of play to his contemporary style, which got fans renaming his Swansea side “Swansalonea.”

Rodgers is more tactical in purchasing players than Dalglish. Dalglish splashed cash on big names, while Joe Allen’s signing is evidence that Rodgers is buying players to compliment his style rather than just buying big names.

Although Allen is likely to flourish as a player at Anfield, he is not a household name and there will be pressure to perform.

Furthermore, Allen is not the only one who will be analyzed.

Brendan Rodger’s judgment is at stake, and he will be banking on the youngster to provide proof that he is making decisions to help and not hinder The Reds.