Nate Diaz Says F--- the Belt, He's Trying to Beat the World's Best Lightweight

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Nate Diaz Says F--- the Belt, He's Trying to Beat the World's Best Lightweight
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If you told me I could only pick one potential fight to watch for the rest of 2012—just one fight, on an endless loop—my answer would be easy: Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz for the UFC lightweight title. 

It's safe to say that I'm excited for this fight. I get excited every time a Diaz fights because both of the Stockton brothers are something special. A Diaz fight feels urgent and also a little bit like what I imagine walking on a tightrope must feel like, because you're never actually sure what's going to happen. 

With Nate, that feeling of impending doom is slightly lessened. The first time I ever met Nate, he called me "sir" several times, which made me feel quite old. He's an incredibly nice and respectful guy.

But he's also a dynamo in the cage, and that's why I can't wait for the fight. Diaz isn't going to play a counter-striking game like Frankie Edgar did, and he's not going to go backwards in hopes of setting up shots or anything like that. Diaz is going to continually walk directly at Henderson and try to punch him repeatedly in the face and/or body. What's not to love?

Diaz was interviewed by ASX-TV (formerly known as HDNet) and Ron Kruck about the title situation. Check out the video to hear Diaz and the champ discuss the way they match up

I train with guys just like that, strong guys, athletic guys, that are good. It's definitely gonna be a good, hard fight. Now it's time to fight for a title and I'm gonna do what I could to win that belt for my team. F--- the belt. I'm trying to beat the number one guy in the world and that's him right now.

Vintage Diaz. I can't wait for this fight, you guys.

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