5 Ways Signing Hunter Pence Long-Term Would Impact Giants' Offseason Plans

Zachary James@ZacharyWJamesCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2016

5 Ways Signing Hunter Pence Long-Term Would Impact Giants' Offseason Plans

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    Hunter Pence has stolen the hearts of San Francisco Giants fans since his arrival at the trade deadline from the Philadelphia Phillies.

    However, one of the Giants' big assignments of the offseason is to sign Pence long-term. Here are five reasons why the Giants need to sign Pence long-term to fulfill offseason plans.

No. 5: Pence Loves San Francisco

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    Player happiness doesn't play too big of a factor, but it definitely helps.

    Pence has told reporters in the Bay Area that he would love to stay in San Francisco long-term.

    "That would be wonderful. It’d be nice to have a home, settle in," Pence told reporters, including the San Jose Mercury News' Carl Steward. "I would love to, I’ve never been offered anything."

    Pence has hopped around from Houston to Philly to San Francisco in very short time.

    Having a happy player who is settled down is always a positive.

No. 4: Melky Cabrera Is a Free Agent, Too

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    Melky Cabrera has done some damage against opponents in a Giants uniform.

    I'm sure fans will want to keep seeing that.

    Cabrera becomes a free agent at the end of the year, and the Giants' top priority is to keep Cabrera in AT&T Park.

    As much as Pence is a value to the team, Cabrera is a bigger one. If Pence is signed, the focus could be turned solely to Cabrera.

No. 3: Alleviates Pressure

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    There are two outfielders who are up for free agency—Cabrera and Angel Pagan.

    However, if the Giants can put Pence down to a long-term deal, the outfield would still have some power.

    If the two aforementioned won't be able to make a deal with the Giants, it won't be a lost cause as long as Pence is inked.

No. 2: Buy Huff out

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    The Giants would have the ability to focus their attention on what they want to do with Aubrey Huff.

    Huff, who has a club option, has the opportunity to buy out his deal.

    The Giants will probably let him do so since he hasn't done a whole lot this season. This is a low priority for the Giants, but it still gives the front office the ability to deal with Huff if Pence is taken care of.

No. 1: Saving Some Bank

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    Signing Pence would mean the Giants' bank would be a little emptier.

    Therefore, the club's ability to spend money will be tougher, and with Tim Lincecum in a contract year next season, the Giants need to save some money.

    If the Giants sign Pence, the chance to sign Lincecum to a big-time deal isn't impossible, but it's not going to be a walk in the park.